4 Luxury Yachting Hotspots on the French Riviera

/ 22nd October 2015
Luxury Yachting Hotspots on the French Riviera

Considered the ultimate yachting destination in the world, the spectacular coastlines, secluded beaches and seaside towns of the French Riviera attract the crème de la crème. Picturesque, natural beauty is dotted with world-class restaurants and nightlife hotspots, making for a sought-after and diverse cosmopolitan lifestyle.

For those who are looking to buy a superyacht, the exclusivity of owning such a luxury item is a large part of the appeal, and nowhere else in the world draws the elite and glamorous like the French Riviera.

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Best Spots to Charter a Yacht Around the World

/ 8th January 2015
Yacht Charter

There’s little that speaks of luxury and opulence more than spending some time on the waves in your very own private yacht. From the calm waters of the Mediterranean, to exotic destinations like Thailand and Cuba, and even off the British coast, we take a look at the best spots for yacht charter around the world.

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