Finest Botanical Gardens Around the World

/ 13th November 2014
Singapore Botanic Gardens

Botany is one of the most fascinating aspects of our planet. And yet, for so many of us, we extend our knowledge to the daffodils in our garden, lillies on the windowsill and oak trees we pass on the way to work.

Yet there are plants out there that can, among other wonderful things, dupe wasps into helping them reproduce, devour annoying insects, grow in any (and we mean any) direction, and even the odd one that serves as a water fountain for monkeys.

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5 Luxury Golf Courses Around the World

/ 5th November 2014
South Africa Golf

Golf ranks highly among the sports which use Mother Nature as their playing field. Many sports are played in man-made stadiums and, while these can be impressive constructions, there is no stadium to rival some of the most picturesque places in the world which very often play host to golf course.

Even if you’re not blessed with golfing prowess, you can still take pleasure and enjoyment out of the game simply because of the surroundings you are in.

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Spectacular Spas Around the World

/ 29th October 2014

Iceland’s natural spa, the Blue Lagoon

From mountainside retreats to urban escapes, our TRULY tastemakers have worked very hard to put together an authoritative countdown of the most spectacular spas around the world. Take a look at the fruits of their hard labour below.

5. Guerlain Spa at Waldorf Astoria, New York

The Guerlain Spa stretches across the entire nineteenth floor of the Waldorf Astoria, with guests welcomed at the reception with a pair of slippers and a choice of seven scents with which to personalise their spa room.

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Experience the Most Haunted Castle in Europe

/ 24th October 2014
Dragsholm Castle Ghost

The average haunted castle may lay claim to a resident ghost who occasionally pops up to terrify an unsuspecting victim. Some have several dastardly ghouls on the prowl. Then there’s Dragsholm Castle. Allegedly home to over 100 ghosts and poltergeists, the Danish castle is known to be the most haunted castle in Europe.

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7 Indulgences to Try Before You Die

/ 20th October 2014
Northern Lights

Creating a so called ‘bucket list’ – a list of things to do before passing away – has become increasingly common in recent years. Whether it is done out of an increasing realisation of one’s own mortality or simply as a something to aim towards, the principle of a ‘bucket list’ is that it is unique to that individual – there are no right or wrong inclusions on such a list, which means some options are more realistic than others.

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Weird and Wonderful Hotels Around the World

/ 16th October 2014

TRULY are the first to know a hotel should not be reserved exclusively for sleeping. Many glean their personalities from their vintage, or their service, or reputation, but there are quite a few in the world that stand out from the crowd thanks to their unique appearance. Some may be decidedly bizarre, but it doesn’t make us want to stay in them any less.

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The Most Luxurious Sandwiches in the World

/ 14th October 2014
Beef Wagyu Sandwich

Something which almost the entire world, at one point in their lives, will have tried is a rare thing indeed. But the humble sandwich is just that. The colloquial name, the format, the components and the eating style may all differ depending on where in the world you are, but if it is roughly ‘bread, no-bread and bread again’ you know you’re eating a sandwich.

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In Pictures: Stargazing Locations Around the World

/ 9th October 2014

While stargazing is possible from most places in the world, a general rule of thumb to see as much as you can is to find a location as remote as possible from towns and cities while the sky is clear of clouds. Rural environments don’t produce anywhere near as much smog and light pollution, which only gets in the way.

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Japanese Gifting Etiquette

/ 29th September 2014
Japanese Gifting Etiquette

Whether it be for a wedding, business meeting or returning from a trip, the culture of gift giving in Japan is one of the most prevalent in the world. In Japan gifts are given for almost any occasion, from graduating to weddings and even to finalise a business deal. However, unlike in some other cultures, in Japan the emphasis is more on the ritual of gift giving than the gift itself…

When to Give Gifts

Although they do not typically celebrate birthdays or Christmas in Japan, this has become more popular due to strong influences from the West in recent years.

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Russian Gifting Etiquette

/ 19th September 2014
red roses

Russia might have a lot in common with the rest of the Western world when it comes to gifting etiquette, yet the nation does possess a few unique traditions that are worth observing. As you’re about to find out, taking note of Russian politeness is a particularly good idea if you’re looking to show your appreciation to a business associate, friend, or colleague.

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