Wonderful Winter Getaways

/ 2nd January 2015
Ice Hotel

While we all love our summer months, sunny days and beach getaways, winter doesn’t have to be a gloomy time of year for travellers. In fact, some of the best getaways can be had during the cold winter months with a number of fun filled activities and experiences, whether you are looking for a family holiday or a more intimate one.

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How to Spend The Perfect Winter Day in London

/ 1st December 2014
How to Spend the Perfect Winter Day in London

Perhaps it’s fair to say London does Christmas time better than anywhere in the world. Tower Bridge looms large in the dying light of dusk, Christmas lights on Southbank sparkle across the night sky and the shops in Knightsbridge have ever increasing extravagant displays. When there is simply so much to see and do, fitting it all into one day can seem a daunting prospect, but don’t let that deter you – with our suggestions you can easily plan your perfect day in London at Christmas.

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Winter Getaways: There’s No Holiday Like a Snow Holiday

/ 7th November 2014
dog sledding

As we all know, a winter in the UK is no fun if there’s no snow. Let’s face it, Christmas just doesn’t have the same magic when you wake up and draw the curtains to grey clouds and torrential rain. And that’s been the case more often than not – London has a 6% chance of receiving snow on Christmas day, while other parts of Britain aren’t much luckier.

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What to See: Theatre Shows in London this Winter

/ 6th November 2014
london theatre shows winter

image credit: Eva Rinaldi

Tobogganing. Pulling on winter woollies for the first time. Doing not a lot in front of an open fire. Such are the things we enjoy doing come the winter. But did you know London’s favourite form of entertainment enjoys even more interest in the cold weather?

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