Pair Your Favourite Easter Treats with Wine

/ 19th March 2016
Easter Pairings Infographic

With any holiday there are always at least two things to look forward to: nice food and wine! Fish with white wine is typical on Good Friday, meat with red on Easter Sunday. But what should we drink with dessert? Pairing sweet treats with wine will take your Easter menu to a different level.

Don’t worry, we’ve asked the experts and summarised their advice in a neat infographic.

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The Very Best Wine Experiences Around the World

/ 20th October 2015
Wine Experiences around the World

Would you like to combine the love of wine with the love of travel? It is easy to do with these incomparable wine experiences around the world.

Taste Romance By The Danube

Budapest, Hungry

The vibrant and historical city of Budapest runs along the Danube River.

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Where to Go Wine Tasting in London

/ 28th July 2015
Where to go Wine Tasting in London

Experience the flavours of the world through the art of wine tasting. Open your mind and palate to local and exotic wines right here in the city. Here are five places to visit when deciding where to go wine tasting in London.


Montague on the Gardens

Enjoy the award-winning South African wines at the Bouchard Finlayson estate.

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The English Sparkling Wine Boom

/ 18th April 2015
Sparkling Wine in Britain

People might well have less money in their pockets now than a decade ago, but it seems as though Britain is still in celebratory mood. Sales of sparkling wine of all varieties rose by 15% last year, which has led to a rush to set up English vineyards – there has been a 50% increase in their numbers since 2013.

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Inside the Vineyards of South Africa

/ 31st March 2015
Inside the Vineyards of South Africa

South African wine is becoming one of the most popular New World varieties and this country offers a number of exquisite wines. There is no need to travel all the way to South Africa to taste this wine – a few choice varieties are offered to be sampled at the famous London hotel the Montague on The Gardens.

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The Wine Revolution: What is Natural Wine?

/ 12th March 2015
What is Natural Wine?

Several years ago, a new organic trend sprung up. Suddenly natural wines were all the rage. Not necessarily winning international awards or bothering consumers’ wine racks, but it was these biodynamic and low sulphur wines that were making their way onto the wine lists of some of the world’s leading restaurants.

What is Natural Wine?

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Napa Valley: an Unlikely Story of New World Success

/ 17th December 2014
napa valley vines

credit: Malcolm Carlaw

Long running disputes are by no means alien to the world of food and drink, and the Old World/New World discussion when it comes to wine making has rarely shown any signs of concluding. Indeed, it has been a centrepiece of discussion for decades and ever since the New World wines started making a name for themselves.

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