When did American Whiskey get so Popular?

/ 4th November 2015
When did American Whiskey get so Popular?

The US whiskey market has seen rocketing sales in the past decade, with bourbon production alone growing by more than 150% and the number of craft distilleries over the period more than quintupling.

While most domestically produced whiskey is still consumed in the US, the rising demand for American whiskey worldwide has also grown, with exports topping $1 billion for the first time in 2013 and the trend continuing in 2014.

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5 Whiskies You Must Try From Around the World

/ 15th July 2015
Whiskies You Must Try from Around the World

The name whisky comes from the Scottish Gaelic word meaning “water of life”. Indeed, indulging in a fine dram of whisky certainly has the power to make you feel alive. You have probably tried a few of the most common Scotch whisky varieties, but there are also many superb types of whisky all over the world that are worth sampling.

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The Rise of Bourbon Whiskey: Has It Sent Scotch on the Rocks?

/ 10th March 2015
The Rise of Bourbon Whiskey

Image: Jeff Turner, Flickr

Back in April 2013, it felt like a watershed moment. The World Whiskies Conference, the annual gathering of the spirit’s global industry leaders, was for the first time held in New York. Not London, not Scotland.

The whiskies they had come to celebrate?

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