TRULY Quarterly: Luxury Events In London for October, November, December 2015

/ 8th October 2015
Luxury events in London

Autumn has arrived, with all its brilliant colours. Turns out there’s plenty in the way of luxury events this season too. Let’s take a look at the pick of luxury events in London over the next three months with another edition of the TRULY Quarterly.


Go Digital Drawing at the National Gallery

2 October
The National Gallery

Bring a charged device and learn  how to use it to create art.

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TRULY Quarterly: Luxury Events in London for July, August, September 2015

/ 3rd July 2015
Luxury Events in London

Summer has arrived with some aplomb, meaning there’s no better time to get out and about and explore the myriad of luxury events in London over the next three months. To help you find them, we’ve put together another TRULY Quarterly, from royal flower shows to multi-sensory art galleries and foodie feasts.


Floral Extravagance: Hampton Court Flower Show

’til 5 July

Hampton Court Palace

Vibrant colours and endless blooms, the flower show at Hampton Court Palace is an inspiration to the green-fingered.

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New Restaurant Openings in London for June 2015

/ 1st June 2015
New Restaurant Openings in London

As summer gets underway, there are a host of exciting new restaurant openings in London this month. From three Michelin starred behemoths of Paris and Madrid opening new destinations in the capital, to the third outpost of the Gills – already taking London by storm with The Manor and The Dairy, there’s a wide range of places to get your teeth stuck into in June.

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What’s On at the Opera in London – April 2015

/ 13th April 2015
What's On at the Opera in London - April 2015

London is a fantastic place to live if you love opera, as the city offers some of the world’s best productions all throughout the year. The iconic venues including the London Coliseum and the Royal Opera House put on large scale shows and there are many other small and intimate venues as well.

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TRULY Quarterly: Your Luxury Guide to What’s on in London in April, May, June 2015

/ 1st April 2015
What's on in London in April, May, June 2015

Spring is sprouting and summer’s just around the corner. There might not be a better time of the year to get out and about. Auspicious, then, that another TRULY Quarterly is here: your luxury guide to what’s on in London in April, May, June 2015.

April: International Garden Photographer Of The Year at Kew Gardens

‘Til 5 April

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is continuing to hold the incredible International Garden Photographer of the Year Exhibition.

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What’s On: Best London Museum Exhibits Now On

/ 18th February 2015

credit: Robert Gray

If you’re trying to put a collective name on it, London museum exhibits are a bit of a mish-mash of culture at the moment; from quasi-factual Sherlock artefacts to concrete tunnels five metres tall. Variety, however, seems to be its biggest strength.

Conflict, Time, Photography

Tate, until 15th March

Capturing the aftermath of conflict has been a hot topic of late, what with the WWI centenary and current unrest in Ukraine.

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TRULY Quarterly – What’s On in London in January, February & March 2015

/ 15th January 2015
Luxury Events London 2015

As has become a TRULY custom, we’ve spent some time looking into the future to see what luxury events we can find this coming quarter. It so turns out we’re quite excited about the next three months.

Highlights of what’s on in London include private Valentine’s dining, a Michelin star lunch accompanied with the life of Picasso, and a handful of Bach performances at the Royal Academy of Music.

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9 Great Things To Do For Christmas 2014

/ 11th December 2014

credit: Aurelien Guichard

To stave off boredom, uneventfulness, and potentially any unwanted family gatherings, here are a few tings you can get up to over the Christmas period.

1. Visit a Christmas Market

While you might have heard some are best avoided, Britain sees some fantastic markets and fairs come the winter.

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Luxurious Things to do in London this Christmas

/ 10th December 2014
Luxurious things to do in London this Christmas

If you live or venture into the city this Christmas and want a break from the humdrum of the crowds on Oxford Street, then why not consider indulging yourself a little and trying some of the most luxurious things to do in London this Christmas?

Ultimate Hot Chocolate

When a well-established Rome based chocolate shop opens a branch in London then you know it must be worth investigating.

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Finest Christmas Menus in London 2014

/ 27th November 2014
Finest Christmas Menus in London

The temptation to cook for your entire extended family is, as we know, always strong at Christmas time. But imagine a world where your only exertions on Christmas Day were travelling to a fine restaurant and actually enjoying the dinner. We’re not saying it will be better than what you normally prepare, but these places are rather good.

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