Mosimann’s on Bread and Butter Pudding, Steam Locomotives, and Life After Anton

/ 27th March 2015
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As I walk through the doors of The Belfry that have welcomed many a pair of famous feet, I’m warmly greeted, offered a blazer to exchange for my coat (you are not to be seen here without one), and ushered upstairs to the bar. The dining room below is empty bar a trio of white-haired and venerable-looking gentlemen slowly working through their late lunch.

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Up-and-comers: Britain’s Exciting New Generation of Chefs

/ 27th October 2014

With so many of Britain’s role model chefs in their mid-to-late 40s, one has to wonder where the next generation will emerge from. Gordon Ramsay alone endures so many verbal battles he must have shaven off at least a few years from his career. Fortunately however, it looks like the future of British cuisine will be studded with fresh and interesting new characters.

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5 Reasons You Should Visit Glenapp Castle

/ 23rd October 2014
Glenapp Castle in April

It might bear a very similar resemblance to the Monarch of the Glen estate Ardverikie, but Glenapp Castle is its own and quite different little sanctuary in the Scottish countryside. Both buildings were finished at exactly the same time in 1870, though some may say Glenapp has more charm about it.

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Real Ale: England is Where the Heart is

/ 21st October 2014

credit: S Khan

‘Give my people plenty of beer, good beer, and cheap beer, and you will have no revolution among them.’ – Queen Victoria

Many, many centuries of tradition go into crafting the hearty pints of English ale that we still see ‘gracing’ bar tops in pubs all around Britain.

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Discover the Finest Autumn Dishes

/ 8th October 2014
Scallops Ametsa

Sad as it is to say goodbye to summer eating, autumn brings with it all manner of culinary compensations for our sensory delight. From figs to mushrooms, apples, game and chestnut, autumn offers a superb choice of dishes, with meals often taking on a heartier note. We take a look to find some of the finest autumn dishes in the UK.

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Seasonal Ingredients: What’s in Store for Autumn

/ 8th October 2014

Believe it or not, there’s a reason we eat Brussels sprouts with our Christmas lunch, as October through ‘til March is when they are most ripe for their picking. Generally, selecting ingredients that grow best at particular times of the year is the best way to save money, acquire the tastiest crop, and be kind to the environment as well as your insides.

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How Restaurants Are Awarded Michelin Stars

/ 3rd October 2014
The Square

Since the first edition of the Michelin guide was published, back in 1900, the inspection process has been kept a closely guarded secret. However, over the years a number of clues have emerged which help to shine a light on how restaurants are awarded Michelin stars. I attempt to piece it together below.

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Britain’s Best Restaurants Revealed

/ 28th August 2014

Britain’s best restaurants have been unveiled by The Good Food Guide this week, with Simon Rogan’s L’Enclume restaurant again occupying the top spot.

L’Enclume, located in Cumbria, took the top position for the second consecutive time for the 2015 edition, having now achieved a perfect score in both of the past two guides.

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Sherry: Adopted by Britain

/ 31st July 2014

By EU law, sherry must be created within the ‘Sherry Triangle’, a small area in southern Spain. Yet the fortified wine has found itself an unlikely second home over the years, upon the rather less clement shores of Great Britain. Discover the story of sherry in the UK.

First shipped to England in 1340, sherry has embarked on a remarkable relationship with the country ever since.

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Where Does Sherry Come From?

/ 24th July 2014
sherry and tapas

Although in recent years remembered as the not-so-glamorous face of the 70s, the history of the fortified wine may just extend back a little further than you’d expect.

Where Does Sherry Come From?

The very name ‘sherry’ is an anglicisation of the Spanish town of Jerez, from which the wine originates, which has been a centre of viniculture since the Phoenicians brought the process of wine-making to Spain a little over 3100 years ago.

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