2 Perfect Days: What to do in Hamburg

/ 14th October 2016

What to do in Hamburg:
Our step-by-step city guide to 2 perfect days in Hamburg, Germany.

Situated on the bustling river Elbe, Hamburg is the second largest port in Europe. However, the city is home to much more. Grand townhalls, beautiful lakes, European art, feeding zoos, crunchy pretzels and spicy currywurst. There is much to be done in two days.

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4 Luxury Yachting Hotspots on the French Riviera

/ 22nd October 2015
Luxury Yachting Hotspots on the French Riviera

Considered the ultimate yachting destination in the world, the spectacular coastlines, secluded beaches and seaside towns of the French Riviera attract the crème de la crème. Picturesque, natural beauty is dotted with world-class restaurants and nightlife hotspots, making for a sought-after and diverse cosmopolitan lifestyle.

For those who are looking to buy a superyacht, the exclusivity of owning such a luxury item is a large part of the appeal, and nowhere else in the world draws the elite and glamorous like the French Riviera.

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The Very Best Wine Experiences Around the World

/ 20th October 2015
Wine Experiences around the World

Would you like to combine the love of wine with the love of travel? It is easy to do with these incomparable wine experiences around the world.

Taste Romance By The Danube

Budapest, Hungry

The vibrant and historical city of Budapest runs along the Danube River.

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The Most Unforgettable Luxury Experiences in India

/ 16th October 2015
Luxury Experiences in India

India was once mostly a backpacker destination associated with poverty and strife, but these days it is becoming known for the superb luxury experiences it has to offer. There are several excellent hotels that have been constructed in India, offering palatial surroundings, high end amenities and international standards of service and luxury.

Many of the best luxury resorts in India feature stunning surroundings, luxurious ambiance, exotic locations, ancient spa therapies and much more.

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5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Cornwall

/ 25th September 2015

Have you ever simply fallen in love with a travel destination? Some locations are more lovable than others and Cornwall is one that has captured the hearts of many visitors from all over the world.

Cornwall is lovable for many reasons, including its long and beautiful coastline covered in beaches, its amazing scenery and its fascinating Celtic heritage that includes tales of pirates and smuggling.

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2 Perfect Days: What to do in Venice

/ 19th April 2015

What to do in Venice:
Our step-by-step city guide to 2 perfect days in Venice, Italy.

The city of water never fails to overwhelm tourists with its cones of gelato and intricate architecture. But Venice is also home to much more; forgotten pieces of history still retain their place in the canals of the city.

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How to Cook With (or Like) a Michelin Star Chef

/ 13th February 2015

For many of us, cooking is a frequent necessity or a pastime we get to indulge in during the evenings and weekends. Chefs however – especially those aiming for Michelin star success – spend virtually the entirety of their waking lives in the kitchen, and in some cases that might even be from 7.15 in the morning to 1am the next day.

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The Most Photogenic Destinations in the World

/ 30th January 2015

For the passionate photographer, finding the most beautiful sights to capture on film can turn into something of an addiction. There are so many gorgeous places in this world that are just begging to be photographed, where you can find interesting sites to point your camera at around every corner. Here are some ideas for photogenic destinations:

Istanbul, Turkey

Focus your lens on the towering minarets of the Blue Mosque as they reach up into the sky or snap away at the Grand Bazaar capturing a whirlwind of colours and textures.

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Top Museum Night Tours Around the World

/ 26th January 2015

credit: Denis McLaughlin

It might come as a bit of surprise, but there really aren’t that many museums that will allow you to tour during the night. Those that stay open until the 8pms or 9pms are in great abundance, but very few provide the opportunity for their guests to take advantage of the otherwise deserted corridors of history.

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More Than Just a Hotel Room: 12 Extraordinary Getaways

/ 26th January 2015

There are all manner of locations around the world that claim their most redeeming factor is their collection of luxurious, all-included, 5-star hotels. That it may be, but how many of us actually consider the status of a hotel over the location in which it is situated? In light of this ‘problem’, we have a look at some of the planet’s most attractive places to stay that are more than, well, just places to stay.

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