5 Indulgent Experiences For Food Lovers In Toronto

/ 26th August 2015
Experiences for Food Lovers in Toronto

One of the most important things you need to know when visiting the city is where all the good dining spots are. You want a place that not only serves great food, but also gives you an unforgettable experience. Take a look at these fresh, new experiences for food lovers in Toronto.

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Gifts from the City: Luxury Experiences in Toronto

/ 10th June 2015
Luxury Experiences in Toronto

If you are going to visit the city of Toronto, make it a trip to remember. There is much to take in, and there is a bit of everything for all tastes. Here are a few luxury experiences in Toronto.

Enjoy The Green

Private Golf Lesson with Henry Bruton at Eagles Nest

If you are looking for something of a sporting nature, look no farther than the greens and fairways of Eagles Nest near Toronto.

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Feel The City’s Heartbeat: Unique Gift Experiences in Toronto

/ 24th April 2015
Unique Gift Experiences In Toronto

If you are looking for more than just a gift, give an experience of the city. It is a memory-creating gift. Here are a few unique gift experiences in Toronto.

The Tasting Goes On

Tasting Menu at Splendido

Consistently ranked as one of Canada’s top restaurants, Splendido can thank its highly-sought-after innovative and contemporary Canadian menu for the honour.

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The Magic Touch: Luxury Spa Experiences In Toronto

/ 15th April 2015
Spring Spa Trends for 2015

Whether you work in Toronto or are just stopping by for a visit, you need to take time to relax. One easy way to do that is have a visit to a luxury spa. Since the city is full of such culture and adventure, take a look at the following luxury spa experiences in Toronto.

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Manscaping: Male Grooming In Toronto

/ 18th March 2015
Male Grooming in Toronto

Let’s face it, not every woman likes her man looking like he just walked out of a cave. How can you still look manly but lose some of the hair? Take a seat and have a look at the five best places to get male grooming in Toronto.

Join the Club

This oasis of man grooming in Toronto is more than just a place to get a haircut and a shave.

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A Quick Cultural Tour of Toronto

/ 9th March 2015
A Quick Cultural Tour of Toronto

You may be surprised at how much culture one city can hold. Toronto is a city rich in heritage. Here are a few cultural things to do in Toronto.


Toronto Opera Evening

What screams culture more than the opera?

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The Art of the Martini

/ 26th February 2015
Triple olive Dirty Martini shot on a white background.

credit: TheCulinaryGeek

You’d be hard pressed to find a bartender that can’t make a Martini; the drink that many consider the very embodiment of elegance and sophistication. That it may be, the drink’s origins are close to being anything but.

The History of the Martini

Over the years, several theories have arisen concerning how the Martini came about.

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Toronto’s Best Martini Bars

/ 13th February 2015

Want to get out and have a stylish night in the city? Look no further than these chic Martini bars in Toronto. With the incredible variety and styles, there is a place for everyone. Let’s take a look at a few of Toronto’s best Martini bars.

Pantages Hotel Martini Bar

A trendy, downtown setting is where you will find this sophisticated bar a mere hop, skip and jump away from the main attractions.

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Inside Toronto’s Hazelton Hotel Spa

/ 30th January 2015
hazelton exterior

In one of the city’s most stylish and social districts a Toronto spa and hotel has become a centre piece for its surrounding cultural hotspots.

Hazelton Hotel, in Toronto, Ontario, has exceptional dining venues with classic French and Italian flavours, as well as the popular One Bar, known for its creative cocktails.

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The Most Desirable Places to Dine in Toronto

/ 23rd January 2015

There are some special occasions that call for a fantastic meal, be it your anniversary, your birthday, or the celebration of any other special life event. When you want to treat yourself in Toronto, why not take your loved ones for a dinner at one of these superb restaurants? Here are some of the best choices for an unforgettable night out in Toronto:


Dinner for Two at Edulis

Named for the Latin word meaning “edible”, this restaurant has a menu that changes daily and is inspired by Spanish and French country cuisine.

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