Why You Should Get Excited About The Craft Beer Craze

/ 3rd February 2016

credit: S-BC

Craft beer has gone nuts: mainstream cinema has made a film about it, the BBC says there could be a hop shortage, and brewing giants are having to buy out smaller competition. So, should there be good reason to get carried away in the craft beer craze?

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Top Drinks Tasting Experiences in London for Men

/ 11th December 2015
When did American Whiskey get so Popular?

There is nothing better than time spent with  friends. Enjoy time out with the guys while tasting the best whisky, beer or wine in the city. Here are some of the top drinks tastings for men in London.

For the Whisky Lover

Those who live for a dram of the good stuff are spoiled for choice.

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9 Cocktail Bars in London You Must Try

/ 2nd October 2015
Oskar's Bar Cocktail

Truly an art form, mixology has taken off in recent years. Many a dad has found a new cure for mid-life crisis: trying his hand with a cocktail shaker and a cupboard full of unheard of spirits. With this we’ve seen a rise of some wonderful cocktail bars in London, where punters flock to enjoy delicious concoctions created by mixologist showmen.

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The London Gin With its Roots in Japan

/ 20th July 2015
Jensen's Gin

Less than a decade ago, there was only one independent gin distillery in London. A sorry state of affairs for the city known as the home of the spirit. Now, though, the gin craze is back. From Sipsmith’s to the City of London Distillery and Jensen’s Gin, gin production has come back to where it all began.

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Where Does Gin Come From?

/ 1st May 2015
Luxury Gift Experiences for Her

The last time you sipped a cocktail containing gin, did you give any thought to the history of this spirit? You might be surprised to know that gin has been around since the Middle Ages and it started out as an herbal medicine before it became something that we quaff in our martinis.

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Ozone and Coffee Cupping: An Introduction

/ 11th April 2015
Ozone -2014 Emilie WHITE_46 WEB

On what would otherwise be a nondescript backstreet in Shoreditch (also known as Leonard Street) is a palace for coffee lovers called Ozone. Ostensibly the place resembles a café, and stepping through the threshold you’d be forgiven for assuming it to be just that. At least, if the warm bitter aroma emanating from floor below wasn’t so powerful, and if the shiny, well-kept roasting machines weren’t so glaringly obvious.

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The Most Expensive Scotch Whiskies in the World

/ 23rd March 2015
Most Expensive Whiskies in the World

The Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve / Image: Glenfiddich

An ultimate luxury, a rare scotch can fetch staggering amounts of money.

4. Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955 – £58,000

Glenfiddich’s 55 year old is most famous for its distinct vanilla edged flavour. It resided in a cold, dark warehouse for 56 years before being bottled in 2011.

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The Wine Revolution: What is Natural Wine?

/ 12th March 2015
What is Natural Wine?

Several years ago, a new organic trend sprung up. Suddenly natural wines were all the rage. Not necessarily winning international awards or bothering consumers’ wine racks, but it was these biodynamic and low sulphur wines that were making their way onto the wine lists of some of the world’s leading restaurants.

What is Natural Wine?

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The Art of the Martini

/ 26th February 2015
Triple olive Dirty Martini shot on a white background.

credit: TheCulinaryGeek

You’d be hard pressed to find a bartender that can’t make a Martini; the drink that many consider the very embodiment of elegance and sophistication. That it may be, the drink’s origins are close to being anything but.

The History of the Martini

Over the years, several theories have arisen concerning how the Martini came about.

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Pointers From an Expert: How To Taste Whisky

/ 30th January 2015

About seven years ago, Cesar da Silva, now whisky sommelier and bar manager at the Capital Hotel in Knightsbridge, met Iain McCallum at the Auchentoshan Distillery in Scotland.

McCallum turned to Cesar and said, “If I ever met an Alan Sugar of whisky at your age, it would have been you.” From that point onwards, as Cesar says, he has “dedicated everything he can towards whisky.” Cesar is one of the mere 2,180 people in the world that are members of the elite society known as the Keepers of the Quaich.

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