9 Cocktail Bars in London You Must Try

/ 2nd October 2015
Oskar's Bar Cocktail

Truly an art form, mixology has taken off in recent years. Many a dad has found a new cure for mid-life crisis: trying his hand with a cocktail shaker and a cupboard full of unheard of spirits. With this we’ve seen a rise of some wonderful cocktail bars in London, where punters flock to enjoy delicious concoctions created by mixologist showmen.

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Where Does Gin Come From?

/ 1st May 2015
Luxury Gift Experiences for Her

The last time you sipped a cocktail containing gin, did you give any thought to the history of this spirit? You might be surprised to know that gin has been around since the Middle Ages and it started out as an herbal medicine before it became something that we quaff in our martinis.

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At Your Fingertips: Gifts For Cigar Lovers

/ 29th April 2015
Finest Cigars of the Americas

There really is nothing like a hand-rolled cigar.  For those who love a good cigar, gifts can be easy to find, but quality matters. Here is a list of gifts for cigar lovers, with a taste for class.

Let The Introductions Begin

Cigar Introduction and Drink Pairing

Located at No.

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Ozone and Coffee Cupping: An Introduction

/ 11th April 2015
Ozone -2014 Emilie WHITE_46 WEB

On what would otherwise be a nondescript backstreet in Shoreditch (also known as Leonard Street) is a palace for coffee lovers called Ozone. Ostensibly the place resembles a café, and stepping through the threshold you’d be forgiven for assuming it to be just that. At least, if the warm bitter aroma emanating from floor below wasn’t so powerful, and if the shiny, well-kept roasting machines weren’t so glaringly obvious.

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Pointers From an Expert: How To Taste Whisky

/ 30th January 2015

About seven years ago, Cesar da Silva, now whisky sommelier and bar manager at the Capital Hotel in Knightsbridge, met Iain McCallum at the Auchentoshan Distillery in Scotland.

McCallum turned to Cesar and said, “If I ever met an Alan Sugar of whisky at your age, it would have been you.” From that point onwards, as Cesar says, he has “dedicated everything he can towards whisky.” Cesar is one of the mere 2,180 people in the world that are members of the elite society known as the Keepers of the Quaich.

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Coffee Cupping Tips: A How To Guide

/ 16th January 2015
Ozone -2014 Emilie WHITE_189 WEB

While it’s a big thing in the States, coffee cupping is a pursuit that’s yet to really take off over here in BritainOzone, one of the UK’s leading authorities on all things coffee cupping, are open for putting your palate to the test, but for the meantime here are some basic tips on how to go coffee cupping.

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London’s 5 Best Gin Bars

/ 16th January 2015

It’s perhaps thanks to the wild gin craze of the 18th century and the ensuing suppression of the juniper-based spirit that we still brush gin under the carpet somewhat. Interestingly, some of the gin bars are now just as clandestine as the act of drinking and distilling gin used to be, but that doesn’t detract from their allure – it adds to them, in fact.

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Tasting Experiences: It’s Time To Try Something New

/ 17th December 2014

While there are those who stick with what they know, some of us have an unquenchable penchant for trying new things, be it rare food, fine spirits, or cups of coffee. Among our travels, TRULY have encountered some exquisite places to sample such delights, whether it be for the first time or the 100th.

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Is Britain Enjoying Tea as it Should?

/ 16th December 2014
Rare Tea Company Henrietta Drinking Tea

Britain really isn’t enjoying tea as much as much as it should. Despite being a national obsession – Brits get through 165 million ‘cuppas’ every day – that was my feeling after meeting with the country’s ‘Tea Lady’, Henrietta Lovell.

Lovell is the founder of Rare Tea Company. Naturally, she knows a thing or two about tea.

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Where to go Whisky Tasting in London

/ 3rd November 2014
MiltonDuff PR 009

It’s surprisingly difficult to find a decent bar to go whisky tasting in London. Even our most trusted tastemakers fond themselves scratching their heads. Nevertheless, difficult does not mean impossible, as we’ve come up with a list of London’s go-to whisky bars you might like to scout. The following has been narrowed down to those that aren’t members only.

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