From Sustenance to Delicacy: The Wonderful World of Steak

/ 25th February 2015
wagyu steak

Originally, beef was seen as a reliable concentration of iron and protein, best source of energy, and little else but basic sustenance to the human diet. In modern times, more often than not, there’s so much more to steak than the primitive chunk of meat you see on your plate. It has been cultivated and engineered from farm to fork, cooked (you’d hope) to the nearest degree of perfection, and rigorously assessed for a high standard of quality.

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Where to Find the Best Steak in London

/ 20th February 2015

“Steak is the ultimate comfort food,” once said Tom Colicchio. “Becoming a vegetarian is a big missed steak,” said someone else. Whatever your stance is on a heavy chunk of beef, there’s no denying it’s one of Britain’s best loved dishes. Yet as popular as steak may be, and for all the restaurants in London, it happens to be all too difficult in finding a particularly good cut of beef.

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