Wellness Travel Awards 2015: The Big Winners

/ 4th November 2015
Rise of the Spa - Ananda

London’s ExCeL Exhibition Centre tonight played host to the Wellness Travel Awards 2015, which honour the very best of health and spa tourism across six continents. TRULY were in attendance to see the winners crowned.

Although the ceremony is still relatively small in scale (now only in its second year), the winners of the Wellness Travel Awards have undergone a rigorous approval process.

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The Magic Touch: Luxury Spa Experiences In Toronto

/ 15th April 2015
Spring Spa Trends for 2015

Whether you work in Toronto or are just stopping by for a visit, you need to take time to relax. One easy way to do that is have a visit to a luxury spa. Since the city is full of such culture and adventure, take a look at the following luxury spa experiences in Toronto.

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Spring Spa Trends for 2015

/ 24th March 2015
Spring Spa Trends for 2015

Another year means another set of hot new spring spa trends. What are consumers looking for at Spas this year? What are spas doing to improve their care of their clients? Here are some spring spa trends for 2015.

Healing with Technology

Here is something interesting from our pick of the spring spa trends for 2015.

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Springtime Rejuvenations: Best Spring Spa Resorts

/ 19th March 2015
best spring spa resorts

Spring is the perfect time for a trip to the spa – it’s a chance to rejuvenate your body after winter’s long hibernation and get that healthy glow for summer. So where should you go to indulge yourself in some top notch pampering? Here are some of the best spring spa resorts in the world for this season.

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Seven Chakra Treatments: New Age Techniques

/ 11th March 2015
Luxury Spa Days in London

Have you ever had an off day, but you are sure you remembered to do everything? Sometimes we are just not feeling like ourselves, and there could be a reason for that.

There are energy centres in certain areas of our bodies, through which healthy energy flows. These centres are called Chakras and there are about seven of them.

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The Hottest Spa Trends of 2015

/ 9th March 2015
Hottest Spa Trends of 2015

In the world of luxury spa travel, what are some of the most popular spa trends 2015 has revealed? Let’s take a look into some of the recent developments in spa travel to find out what what’s hot.

Thermal Hot Springs

Many people all over the world are discovering the soothing experience of bathing in natural hot springs.

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Protected: Cornelia Spa: Madison Avenue’s Rejuvenated Day Resort that’s a Home Away from Home

/ 26th February 2015

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Five of the Best Spas in London

/ 25th February 2015
Luxury Spa Days in London

If you want to completely pamper yourself and let all of your cares float away amidst the scent of aromatherapy oils and the sounds of gentle music, treat yourself to an experience at one of these luxurious destinations.. Considered some of the best spas in London, they have made relaxation an art form.

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How to Enjoy the Benefits of Mud Therapies

/ 10th February 2015
mud therapy

Remember how good mud felt as a child? Remember how warm and comforting it was on our skin? And do you remember that bath you would have to take, with all the protests, after you got home? That bath felt good too, didn’t it?

Rasul mud therapy is a traditional Egyptian or Arabian treatment with a place in modern remedy helping soothe the likes of  eczema and psoriasis.

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GENEU: Anti-Ageing That’s Leading the DNA Skincare Revolution?

/ 6th February 2015

Skincare can be a vast and often confusing industry, saturated with serums, lotions and potions that promise a world of benefits. Previously, buying a new skincare product would involve selecting an overpriced bottle from the shelf and hoping for the best.

However, it’s clear to see there are big changes ahead, and leading the way is a company called GENEU.

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