Europe’s Best Seafood Destinations

/ 20th August 2015
Seafood in Europe

When it comes to the delectable delights of the sea, Europe has a long and delicious culinary history. If you are a fan of treats from the ocean prepared in creative, unique and mouthwatering ways, travelling around Europe will be a pleasure. There are several superb seafood restaurants that will absolutely rock your world.

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A Good Catch: Best British Seafood

/ 29th June 2015
Michelin Star Predictions

Being a relatively small island surrounded on all sides by the sea, it comes as no surprise that Britain has a strong tradition of seafood cuisine. For many centuries Brits have been harvesting from the ocean and preparing these marine creatures in mouth-watering ways. Many of the best restaurants in the UK, such as the legendary Restaurant Nathan Outlaw in the quaint Cornish village of Port Isaac, are dedicated to preparing British seafood exquisitely in order to bring out its superb flavours.

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