Top 5 Luxury Safari Camps in the World

/ 14th October 2015
Luxury Safari Camps

Imagine waking up at dawn and watching the sky fade through tones of purple and pink over the vast wilderness as you sip your morning coffee and prepare for your safari. From your luxurious room outfitted with top notch fabrics and stylish furniture you emerge into a natural wonderland, where birds and beasts roam.

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Walk on The Wild Side: Why You Should Experience a Safari

/ 8th August 2014
Kruger National Park

Summer is here and you’re lost for holiday ideas. Remain calm, as you’re not the first – and you certainly won’t be the last. But rather than panic-buying a last minute standard beach holiday, why not take the opportunity to broaden your horizons? Take a walk on the wild side this summer, and let us talk you through the splendour of safari.

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