Five Minutes with Suze the Luxury Columnist

/ 27th July 2015
Suze the Luxury Columnist Interview

Since she started a blog to keep in touch with friends, Suze – aka Luxury Columnist, has gone on to become one of the leading luxury lifestyle bloggers in the world. We caught up with her to find out about her definition of luxury, and some of her favourite tips.

What does luxury mean to you?

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Behind the Scenes at Britain’s Oldest Perfumer

/ 17th March 2015
Floris, Britain's Oldest Perfumer

Meet the Oldest Perfumer in Britain

When Juan Floris opened a perfume shop in Mayfair in 1730, it’s fair to say that pleasant aromas as we know them today were in short supply. It wasn’t until the next century that a decent sewage system came to the capital, while graveyards were vastly oversubscribed.

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Welcome to Soho Hotel’s Screening Rooms

/ 6th November 2014
soho hotel cinema

One of London’s few luxury cinemas has some unconventional décor, cosy seats, and the latest blockbusters. Just don’t be surprised if someone asks for your autograph on your way out.

When you first step into the Soho Hotel, it’s difficult not to notice what appears to be an enormous ceramic cat.

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How Luxury Watches Are Made

/ 23rd October 2014
Patek Philippe Watch

For many men a watch is one of the few areas of their appearance where they can completely express themselves. The majority of men don’t have many adornments or a variety of clothes to use as an expression of personalisation. It might be a tie clip or a set of cufflinks which a man uses to attempt to stamp some individuality on to their appearance but these are both quite subtle items.

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Luxury Birthday Gifts for Her

/ 23rd October 2014
Purple Bar

Inside the exclusive Purple Bar

From luxury cinemas to fine dining and a delightful cocktail evening, there are all manner of luxury birthday gifts for her that are sure to impress. Our resident TRULY tastemakers run through the finest birthday experiences for women.

5. Luxury Cinema Experience for Two

Head to the state-of-the-art cinema at the prestigious Soho Hotel to view their ‘film of the week’ in the most luxurious of settings.

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The History of the Luxury Sandwich

/ 22nd October 2014
Beef Foie Gras Sandwich

When discussing where the sandwich came from, one must address the most widely known fact regarding the invention of the sandwich straight away. The modern sandwich is named after John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. The circumstances of this are still hotly debated today, however.

The most widely known rumour regarding how Montagu invented the sandwich was perpetuated by Pierre Jean Grosely in a travel guide of the time – the mid-18th Century – who stated Montagu invented it while at the gambling table.

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7 Indulgences to Try Before You Die

/ 20th October 2014
Northern Lights

Creating a so called ‘bucket list’ – a list of things to do before passing away – has become increasingly common in recent years. Whether it is done out of an increasing realisation of one’s own mortality or simply as a something to aim towards, the principle of a ‘bucket list’ is that it is unique to that individual – there are no right or wrong inclusions on such a list, which means some options are more realistic than others.

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The Most Luxurious Sandwiches in the World

/ 14th October 2014
Beef Wagyu Sandwich

Something which almost the entire world, at one point in their lives, will have tried is a rare thing indeed. But the humble sandwich is just that. The colloquial name, the format, the components and the eating style may all differ depending on where in the world you are, but if it is roughly ‘bread, no-bread and bread again’ you know you’re eating a sandwich.

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Luxury Retirement Gifts for Him

/ 14th October 2014
Finest Cigars of the Americas

After a long and glittering career, one’s retirement really ought to be marked in the most luxurious of manners. From a leisurely round of golf, to tasting the finest scotches, our TRULY tastemakers suggest the finest luxury retirement gifts for him.


5. Round of Golf & Luxurious Lunch at the Regal Moor Park

Moor Park, set across 300 acres of mature woodland, provides one of the finest eighteen hole courses around.

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6 Indulgent Things to Do in New York

/ 6th October 2014
NYC Broadway

Many people have taken a weekend break or an even longer holiday in the ‘Big Apple’ and not without good reason. It has a population of over 8 million people and every year tourists visit, attracted by the fast paced environment and visions of the NYC they have seen on the big screen.

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