007 Ways to Live the Life of James Bond in London

/ 27th October 2015
Live the Life of James Bond in London

1. Drink Like Bond: Sip Martinis at DUKES Bar

James Bond is well-known for his penchant for a martini, “shaken, not stirred”. In fact, Bond requests his favourite beverage no fewer than 35 times through Ian Fleming’s novels and short stories.

But less well known is that the inspiration for the line, allegedly, comes from a small boutique hotel bar in London.

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Behind the Scenes at Britain’s Oldest Perfumer

/ 17th March 2015
Floris, Britain's Oldest Perfumer

Meet the Oldest Perfumer in Britain

When Juan Floris opened a perfume shop in Mayfair in 1730, it’s fair to say that pleasant aromas as we know them today were in short supply. It wasn’t until the next century that a decent sewage system came to the capital, while graveyards were vastly oversubscribed.

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TRULY Quarterly – What’s On in London in January, February & March 2015

/ 15th January 2015
Luxury Events London 2015

As has become a TRULY custom, we’ve spent some time looking into the future to see what luxury events we can find this coming quarter. It so turns out we’re quite excited about the next three months.

Highlights of what’s on in London include private Valentine’s dining, a Michelin star lunch accompanied with the life of Picasso, and a handful of Bach performances at the Royal Academy of Music.

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Luxurious Things to do in London this Christmas

/ 10th December 2014
Luxurious things to do in London this Christmas

If you live or venture into the city this Christmas and want a break from the humdrum of the crowds on Oxford Street, then why not consider indulging yourself a little and trying some of the most luxurious things to do in London this Christmas?

Ultimate Hot Chocolate

When a well-established Rome based chocolate shop opens a branch in London then you know it must be worth investigating.

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London’s New Dessert Bar Craze

/ 7th November 2014
William Curley

Springing up all across London is a phenomenon the sweet-toothed are more than happy to get behind, for dessert bars are making an appearance. Whether those eating out are looking to skip ahead to the finale or just complement their savoury courses, there can be no denying the new-found popularity of these specialist London dessert bars.

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Where to go Whisky Tasting in London

/ 3rd November 2014
MiltonDuff PR 009

It’s surprisingly difficult to find a decent bar to go whisky tasting in London. Even our most trusted tastemakers fond themselves scratching their heads. Nevertheless, difficult does not mean impossible, as we’ve come up with a list of London’s go-to whisky bars you might like to scout. The following has been narrowed down to those that aren’t members only.

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Gift Experiences in London: A Little Inspiration

/ 31st October 2014

We say some words about some gift experiences in London and yes, there really is something for everyone.

Bar Tastings

Bar tastings, or degustation as you may prefer to call them, certainly have their place in the capital. Locations to sample some of the world’s finest wines are particularly rife, while bars specialising in sherry, beer, whisky, tea, or gin cater not only for their respective aficionados, but soon-to-be converts as well.

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5 Most Luxurious Cinemas in London

/ 28th October 2014
Luxury Cinemas in London

Not so long ago, a trip to the cinema was an occasion; a day out to the ‘picture palace’ with luxurious seating and waiter service. Nowadays it’s more about sticky floors, inflated prices and loud munching on popcorn. It doesn’t have to be this way, however. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of the most luxurious cinemas in London.

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Hidden Gem Restaurants in London

/ 24th October 2014
L'Etranger Black Cod

L’Etranger’s famous black cod

In the age of new media, buzz restaurants are all the rage. Chefs who get on board with the best PR teams have their restaurant plastered across the Standard and Zagat as the trendiest place you must be seen. Yet for those of us who are more about deliciousness for its own sake, there are plenty of hidden gem restaurants in London where we can get more bang for our buck.

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L’Etranger: “We’re Tired of Being London’s Best Kept Secret”

/ 9th October 2014
L'Etranger Kitchen Team

A vintage shot of the L’Etranger team

Step inside L’Etranger, an elegant restaurant located on a busy Kensington high street, and you will find a location full of well-heeled guests. While the popularity of the restaurant is pleasing to chef-patron Jerome Tauvron and his business partner, Ibi Issolah, the large number of local affluent patrons has attracted the unwanted label of being a neighbourhood restaurant; one of London’s best kept secrets.

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