Five Minutes with Homegirl London

/ 7th October 2015
Homegirl London interview

Homegirl London is a lifestyle blog featuring the latest design trends, interior design tips and all the best things to do in London.  We caught up with the lady herself to talk innovative interior design and the perfect day out in the capital – for this Homegirl London interview.


Your blog looks chiefly at trends in interior design and things to do in London.

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Mosimann’s on Bread and Butter Pudding, Steam Locomotives, and Life After Anton

/ 27th March 2015
moss header

As I walk through the doors of The Belfry that have welcomed many a pair of famous feet, I’m warmly greeted, offered a blazer to exchange for my coat (you are not to be seen here without one), and ushered upstairs to the bar. The dining room below is empty bar a trio of white-haired and venerable-looking gentlemen slowly working through their late lunch.

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Behind the Scenes at Britain’s Oldest Perfumer

/ 17th March 2015
Floris, Britain's Oldest Perfumer

Meet the Oldest Perfumer in Britain

When Juan Floris opened a perfume shop in Mayfair in 1730, it’s fair to say that pleasant aromas as we know them today were in short supply. It wasn’t until the next century that a decent sewage system came to the capital, while graveyards were vastly oversubscribed.

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LifeBook: The Story Behind All the Stories

/ 14th March 2015
Roy Moed Image 1

A conversation with Roy Moëd, Founder of LifeBook

After selling off his various businesses, Roy Moëd became worried about his father who, as well as being confined to a care home, was 70% blind.  ‘He didn’t think he had anything to contribute anymore. I took him out to lunch one day, and when we parted ways I told him to not worry – things would be better next week.

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L’Etranger: “We’re Tired of Being London’s Best Kept Secret”

/ 9th October 2014
L'Etranger Kitchen Team

A vintage shot of the L’Etranger team

Step inside L’Etranger, an elegant restaurant located on a busy Kensington high street, and you will find a location full of well-heeled guests. While the popularity of the restaurant is pleasing to chef-patron Jerome Tauvron and his business partner, Ibi Issolah, the large number of local affluent patrons has attracted the unwanted label of being a neighbourhood restaurant; one of London’s best kept secrets.

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10 Minutes with Angie, Blogger at SilverSpoon London

/ 9th October 2014

There’s an abundance of food and culture in London, and while none of us will ever get to sample all of it, some might get very close. To brush up on our knowledge, we asked Angie, better known as the blogger behind SilverSpoon London, about restaurants, the capital, and restaurants in the capital.

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Why We’re Not Spending Our Money Wisely

/ 7th October 2014
Amit Kumar

Money equals happiness, or so we may think. Yet our behaviour in what we buy, whether it’s a loaf of bread or a spontaneous escape to the Maldives, is more of a reflection of our contentment than the money we buy it with. Amit Kumar, currently studying a doctorate at Cornell University, lets us in on why we do what we do when trying to purchase happiness, and how we can better attain pleasure from the money we put towards spending.

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Designing Your Own Line of Stationery with Barnard & Westwood

/ 2nd October 2014

Barnard & Westwood is a 90-year old company that specialises in bespoke stationery. Bear in mind that you will be building, from scratch, no ordinary stationery set, as the company like to utilise the best techniques accumulated over the past century and beyond to create a finished article unique from anything else. They are perfectionists in what they do, but a lot of that you’ll discover for yourself.

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Behind the Scenes at The Queen’s Printers of Choice, Barnard & Westwood

/ 26th September 2014
metal stamp

Tucked away in the most nondescript of side streets in Bloomsbury is a relatively small warehouse that one would struggle to recognise as an establishment with high esteem. For something with such an everyday, run-of-the-mill appearance, the fact it is home to two Royal Warrants is surprising.

As I was about to find out, that’s exactly what sets Barnard & Westwood apart, as it’s the tactile nature of their stationery that’s valued above all else.

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