A Brief History of Chocolate

/ 10th November 2014
William Curley

Chocolate today takes many varied forms – from different colours to different formats, it can be readily found almost wherever you are in the world. It’s curious how such a small bar, with seemingly few adverse effects, can be seemingly so intoxicating. What the modern world calls chocolate, however, differs rather from what was originally created back in 1900 BC.

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History of Spas: Roman Baths Then and Now

/ 5th November 2014
roman baths

One of the wonderful things about having a long tapestry of history such as that of Britain’s is that much of it can be witnessed today as it was then. When you consider the likes of Stonehenge, Colchester Castle (Britain’s oldest recorded town), the Viking sites in York, and of course London’s evolution, it is easy to understand why Britain’s history is so rich and why some 32 million people visited these shores in 2013.

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The History of the Luxury Sandwich

/ 22nd October 2014
Beef Foie Gras Sandwich

When discussing where the sandwich came from, one must address the most widely known fact regarding the invention of the sandwich straight away. The modern sandwich is named after John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. The circumstances of this are still hotly debated today, however.

The most widely known rumour regarding how Montagu invented the sandwich was perpetuated by Pierre Jean Grosely in a travel guide of the time – the mid-18th Century – who stated Montagu invented it while at the gambling table.

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