Coupling: The New Trend of Gifting to Couples

/ 3rd March 2015
Silhouette Couple

In recent years, when buying items online, there has been an additional option available when selecting the recipient. In simpler times it was just ‘for her’ or ‘for him’. Now, though, there is often another option, that of of buying a gift for ‘a couple’.

This has arisen due to a rising number of gifting occasions for couples and a lack of present options have been recognised by retailers and consumers alike.

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Wedding Stories: A Surprise Early Gift

/ 4th July 2014
surprise gift

“Last week, a little black envelope was popped through our letterbox. It contained a sleek white box and a scented bit of tissue paper. The box was tied with a black ribbon and a handwritten note was tucked inside. It was a much appreciated early wedding present – a lunch at the Michelin star Spanish restaurant Ametsa in Belgravia.”

I had decided to surprise one of my favourite bloggers, Stephanie Sadler, also known as Little Observationist, with one of my favourite lunch gifts on TRULY, at Ametsa.

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Gentlemanly Gifts for the Groom

/ 17th June 2014

Some men can be notoriously difficult to buy for. That goes especially for the ones about to marry because, after he’s been hitched to the love of his life in the company of close family and his oldest and most trusted friends with ample food and drink close by, what more could he possibly want?

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Top 3 Gift Experiences for Couples

/ 12th December 2012

Top Gift Experiences for Couples

As the December gifting season arrives, our editors have shortlisted our favourite gift experiences for couples.  All gifts can be sent in our signature gift box.

For the couple that’s chic and trendy:

Chinese Michelin Star Dining at Hakkasan London (£170)


World-renowned Hakkasan takes Chinese cuisine to new Michelin heights. 

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Top 3 Gift Experiences for Men

/ 12th December 2012

Top Gift Experiences for Men

As the December gifting season arrives, as well as the usual seasonal lack of inspiration and inevitable chaos at the shops, our editors have shortlisted our favourite gift experiences for men.  Just to save you from some of that panic. All gifts can be sent in our signature gift box.

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Gifting Guide: Gift Ideas for Boyfriend or Husband

/ 13th July 2012
Gifts for Hom

We receive many gift ideas requests concerning gift ideas for husband or gift ideas for boyfriend.  Based on what our customers tell us, we find that men are actually a lot easier to shop for than women.  But just in case, here are a few simple tips we have compiled when shopping for the man in your life.

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