L’Etranger: “We’re Tired of Being London’s Best Kept Secret”

/ 9th October 2014
L'Etranger Kitchen Team

A vintage shot of the L’Etranger team

Step inside L’Etranger, an elegant restaurant located on a busy Kensington high street, and you will find a location full of well-heeled guests. While the popularity of the restaurant is pleasing to chef-patron Jerome Tauvron and his business partner, Ibi Issolah, the large number of local affluent patrons has attracted the unwanted label of being a neighbourhood restaurant; one of London’s best kept secrets.

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5 of the Finest French Dishes in London

/ 7th October 2014
The Square

In the past, if you wanted to experience the taste of a foreign delicacy it was necessary to make a trip to that country. Now, with the explosion of restaurateurs who are bringing their native dishes to our shores you needn’t venture any further afield than London to try some of the most exquisite foreign dishes.

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