Man About Town: Experience Days For Men In London

/ 20th May 2015
experience days for men in London

It’s time for a guy’s day out. After working long and hard, nothing says relaxation more than time spent having fun. Let’s enjoy the city with a few of these experience days for men in London.

Step Back In Time

Churchill’s War Rooms

Perhaps stepping back in history will remove the worries of today.

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Bespoke Menswear in NYC: New York’s Best Tailors and Shoemakers

/ 12th November 2014
Michael Andrews Suit

Knowing where you can get some of life’s luxuries, or essentials for that matter, is often very important – especially in a hurry. If you’re in NY and need to know where to go to for the best in men’s fashion, then look no further than this handy guide as we run through New York’s best tailors and shoemakers.

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Tips on Pampering a Gentleman

/ 20th October 2014

A few years ago the term ‘metrosexual’ was the new buzz word. Newspapers and magazines couldn’t get enough of pointing out which Hollywood A-lister might be one. For those of you wondering quite what this term means, a definition found online is as follows: “a metrosexual is a portmanteau, derived from metropolitan and heterosexual, coined in 1994 to describe a man who is especially meticulous about his grooming and appearance, typically spending a significant amount of time and money on shopping as part of this.”

These days, though, the term is less in vogue and has been, thankfully, replaced with a word much more refined and reflective of the man it was trying to describe.

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Luxury 50th Birthday Gifts for Him

/ 17th October 2014
whisky tasting

After half a century, one ought to be rewarded with a fitting gift. And, as we know, after 50 comes the time to experience the more luxurious things in life. We take a look at some of the finest luxury 50th birthday gifts for him.

For the adventurous chap, why not send him salmon fishing in Norway?

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Luxury Retirement Gifts for Him

/ 14th October 2014
Finest Cigars of the Americas

After a long and glittering career, one’s retirement really ought to be marked in the most luxurious of manners. From a leisurely round of golf, to tasting the finest scotches, our TRULY tastemakers suggest the finest luxury retirement gifts for him.


5. Round of Golf & Luxurious Lunch at the Regal Moor Park

Moor Park, set across 300 acres of mature woodland, provides one of the finest eighteen hole courses around.

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Men’s Spas: Why Pampering isn’t Exclusively a Female Pursuit

/ 3rd September 2014

Visiting a spa for the first time can be an intimidating experience, especially if you belong to the male gender. Sadly this has spawned out of the common misconception that spas suit a woman’s lifestyle more aptly than they do a man’s. Evidence, though, is beginning to suggest otherwise.

The International Spa Association has recorded a noticeable trend rise in the UK, when in the US, men represent 47% of the spa market.

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Luxury 40th Birthday Gifts for Him

/ 29th August 2014
Whisky Tasting Cesar

Although reaching 40 can be greeted by some with a degree of trepidation, it’s a milestone that really ought to be celebrated. Afterall, life begins at 40. Here at TRULY, we have a range of extraordinary gifts that will surely make the occasion memorable. Take a look at our tastemakers’ best recommendations for luxury 40th birthday gifts for him.

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Luxury Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him

/ 17th July 2014

It’s inevitable in the busy modern world that gifts will sometimes be left until the last minute. Despite this, it’s still not impossible to provide luxury presents that are both personal and meaningful. Take a look at some of our favourite luxury last minute gift ideas for him to provide some shopping inspiration.

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Gentlemanly Gifts for the Groom

/ 17th June 2014

Some men can be notoriously difficult to buy for. That goes especially for the ones about to marry because, after he’s been hitched to the love of his life in the company of close family and his oldest and most trusted friends with ample food and drink close by, what more could he possibly want?

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Top 3 Gift Experiences for Men

/ 12th December 2012

Top Gift Experiences for Men

As the December gifting season arrives, as well as the usual seasonal lack of inspiration and inevitable chaos at the shops, our editors have shortlisted our favourite gift experiences for men.  Just to save you from some of that panic. All gifts can be sent in our signature gift box.

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