Pair Your Favourite Easter Treats with Wine

/ 19th March 2016
Easter Pairings Infographic

With any holiday there are always at least two things to look forward to: nice food and wine! Fish with white wine is typical on Good Friday, meat with red on Easter Sunday. But what should we drink with dessert? Pairing sweet treats with wine will take your Easter menu to a different level.

Don’t worry, we’ve asked the experts and summarised their advice in a neat infographic.

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How to Pair Sherry with Food

/ 5th December 2014
Sherry Food Pairing

Sherry could well be the drink most easily associated with Christmas. For many modern British adults, there will have been at least one year in their childhood where Father Christmas was left a measure of sherry and a mince pie on 24th December. This sort of sherry food pairing, however, is a million miles away from the refined matching processes taking place in upmarket bars and restaurants across the UK now.

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