Behind the Scenes at Britain’s Oldest Perfumer

/ 17th March 2015
Floris, Britain's Oldest Perfumer

Meet the Oldest Perfumer in Britain

When Juan Floris opened a perfume shop in Mayfair in 1730, it’s fair to say that pleasant aromas as we know them today were in short supply. It wasn’t until the next century that a decent sewage system came to the capital, while graveyards were vastly oversubscribed.

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Perfume Personalisation: What Makes the Perfect Perfume?

/ 3rd March 2015
floris gift experience

Today, everyone wants to be unique. One way to do that is with your very own perfume personalisation. With hundreds of perfumes, it is important to find something that matches your personality and lifestyle. The question is, what makes up a great perfume? Let’s start by taking a look at the different elements in perfume.

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How to Make Your Own Perfume

/ 5th February 2015

When wandering the endless aisles of perfumes, it can sometimes seem like the shelves hold questions instead of pretty bottles. Choices can seem more like lucky guesses, especially when we find that elusive scent. Have you ever stood back and wondered if you would find that special perfume, the one to truly express who you are, or the one that has the power to turn the heads of passersby?

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