See the Most Gorgeous Lakes in Europe

/ 8th September 2015
Hidden Gem Holidays in Europe

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Many holiday-goers flock to the seaside when it comes time to take a break, but there is something special about lakes. The clear fresh water is tranquil and calm, reflecting the changing tones of the sky. The towns build around them are slow-paced and scenic and make perfect places to relax.

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Europe’s Best Seafood Destinations

/ 20th August 2015
Seafood in Europe

When it comes to the delectable delights of the sea, Europe has a long and delicious culinary history. If you are a fan of treats from the ocean prepared in creative, unique and mouthwatering ways, travelling around Europe will be a pleasure. There are several superb seafood restaurants that will absolutely rock your world.

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Experience the Most Haunted Castle in Europe

/ 24th October 2014
Dragsholm Castle Ghost

The average haunted castle may lay claim to a resident ghost who occasionally pops up to terrify an unsuspecting victim. Some have several dastardly ghouls on the prowl. Then there’s Dragsholm Castle. Allegedly home to over 100 ghosts and poltergeists, the Danish castle is known to be the most haunted castle in Europe.

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