Top Recording Studio Experiences in London

/ 4th August 2015
Recording Studio Experiences in London

Do you dream of a life on the stage, singing with that voice that everyone loves? You say your aren’t ready for the big time yet? Don’t let that stop you. With all the recording studios in in the city, it’s time to believe in yourself, live the dream, and check out these recording studio experiences in London.

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Getting Your Art On: Finest Galleries in London

/ 3rd June 2015
finest galleries in London

Image: David Holt, Flickr

Indulge your artistic side while visiting London. There is a gallery for everyone’s creative tastes. This city has been blessed with many superb spots for art, but let’s take a look at the very finest galleries in London.

Putting a Face to the Name

National Portrait Gallery

Located in Trafalgar Square, this gallery offers permanent displays as well as a wide variety of exhibitions and free events.

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A Quick Cultural Tour of Toronto

/ 9th March 2015
A Quick Cultural Tour of Toronto

You may be surprised at how much culture one city can hold. Toronto is a city rich in heritage. Here are a few cultural things to do in Toronto.


Toronto Opera Evening

What screams culture more than the opera?

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Luxury Cultural Holidays

/ 6th March 2015

When you travel you love to get beyond the surface of a destination and really understand the local culture. You are interested in tasting the traditional dishes, checking out the art galleries, taking part in parades and festivals and learning about the history and heritage of your chosen locale. Why not satisfy your cultural curiosity with a luxury travel experience?

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What’s On: Best London Museum Exhibits Now On

/ 18th February 2015

credit: Robert Gray

If you’re trying to put a collective name on it, London museum exhibits are a bit of a mish-mash of culture at the moment; from quasi-factual Sherlock artefacts to concrete tunnels five metres tall. Variety, however, seems to be its biggest strength.

Conflict, Time, Photography

Tate, until 15th March

Capturing the aftermath of conflict has been a hot topic of late, what with the WWI centenary and current unrest in Ukraine.

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Top Museum Night Tours Around the World

/ 26th January 2015

credit: Denis McLaughlin

It might come as a bit of surprise, but there really aren’t that many museums that will allow you to tour during the night. Those that stay open until the 8pms or 9pms are in great abundance, but very few provide the opportunity for their guests to take advantage of the otherwise deserted corridors of history.

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