Behind the Scenes at Lord’s Cricket Ground

/ 1st December 2015
MCC Cricket Academy

Lord’s Cricket Ground, where champions are made and the next crop of cricketers dream of greatness. How did these grounds come to be, and who is the man behind their creation?

History of Man and Grounds

Thomas Lord was an English businessman, who was also a devoted cricketer, born in 1755.

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Lord’s: The Perfect Ground for a Cricket Experience

/ 4th February 2015
lord's ground

Lord’s is the undisputed home of English cricket. Owned by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), Lord’s is where the game began its rise to fame. With a history going back to 1787, a business man named Lord and three site changes, the modern grounds were finally set in 1814, and 2014 marked the bicentenary of the current grounds.

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