How to Cook With (or Like) a Michelin Star Chef

/ 13th February 2015

For many of us, cooking is a frequent necessity or a pastime we get to indulge in during the evenings and weekends. Chefs however – especially those aiming for Michelin star success – spend virtually the entirety of their waking lives in the kitchen, and in some cases that might even be from 7.15 in the morning to 1am the next day.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Learn from Raymond Blanc’s Cookery School

/ 28th October 2014
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Cookery schools can, at times, be intimidating arenas. Especially when the founder of the school has produced Michelin star chefs when you barely know how to make jam on toast. Raymond Blanc is the empathetic sort however, and can teach you how to cook a soufflé without making you feel too much like a novice.

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