Extraordinary Experiences for Coffee Lovers

/ 21st September 2015
Extraordinary experiences for coffee lovers

Do you love your morning cup of coffee? Do you find yourself nursing your drink as long as you can? That’s okay – you’re not the only one. Indeed many people have developed rituals surrounding coffee. If you can’t get enough of your beans, here are some extraordinary experiences for coffee lovers.

For The Travelling Coffee Lover

Coffee Lover’s Holiday in Costa Rica

Have a full experience around the coffee bean, the beginning of your favourite drink.

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Do You Know Your Coffee Beans?

/ 27th April 2015

For most people coffee is pretty simple. It’s that bitter hot brown wake-up-juice that we gulp in the mornings until we are able to open our eyes and function. However, saying that coffee is simply coffee is the same as saying that wine is simply fermented grapes – it’s a lot more complicated than that.

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From Bean to Cup: The Art of Coffee Brewing

/ 27th April 2015
How is Coffee Made

You probably wouldn’t imagine this plant is where your coffee comes from…

A cup of delicious coffee is just what you need to get your day started, but have you ever thought about how the coffee is transformed from a humble bean picked at a coffee plantation to the tasty steaming brew in front of you?

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Ozone and Coffee Cupping: An Introduction

/ 11th April 2015
Ozone -2014 Emilie WHITE_46 WEB

On what would otherwise be a nondescript backstreet in Shoreditch (also known as Leonard Street) is a palace for coffee lovers called Ozone. Ostensibly the place resembles a café, and stepping through the threshold you’d be forgiven for assuming it to be just that. At least, if the warm bitter aroma emanating from floor below wasn’t so powerful, and if the shiny, well-kept roasting machines weren’t so glaringly obvious.

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Coffee Cupping Tips: A How To Guide

/ 16th January 2015
Ozone -2014 Emilie WHITE_189 WEB

While it’s a big thing in the States, coffee cupping is a pursuit that’s yet to really take off over here in BritainOzone, one of the UK’s leading authorities on all things coffee cupping, are open for putting your palate to the test, but for the meantime here are some basic tips on how to go coffee cupping.

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