The Best Whisky Cocktails… with a Twist

/ 5th October 2015
Best Whisky Cocktails

The best whisky cocktails are smooth and sophisticated – a swanky grown-up drink with a smoky sweetness of vanilla and caramel and a mysterious warm burn. You could simply drink your whisky neat on the rocks – and you should if you want to savour the flavours of a particularly high quality bottle.

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Cocktails: A Great British Concoction?

/ 2nd October 2015
Purple Bar Cocktail

With the rise of cocktail bars across London, many are flocking to the best destinations for these sweet and colourful beverages.  Surprisingly to many, however, the history of cocktails in London might well stretch back a little further than you’d think.

Those asking ‘where did cocktails come from?’ are usually met with the same answer.

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9 Cocktail Bars in London You Must Try

/ 2nd October 2015
Oskar's Bar Cocktail

Truly an art form, mixology has taken off in recent years. Many a dad has found a new cure for mid-life crisis: trying his hand with a cocktail shaker and a cupboard full of unheard of spirits. With this we’ve seen a rise of some wonderful cocktail bars in London, where punters flock to enjoy delicious concoctions created by mixologist showmen.

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Oskar’s Bar: Perfection Incarnate?

/ 26th March 2015
oskar's bar

One of Tottenham Court Road’s new(ish) haunts is also one of its most successful. So hot in in fact you can ‘blister your palms on it’, according to the Guardian. A ‘high-end European’ restaurant, as it describes itself, tables at Dabbous are highly coveted, and have been this way since the restaurant’s opening in 2012.

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21 Obscure Cocktails

/ 5th March 2015
Oskar's Bar Cocktail

We’ve all heard of a Tequila Sunrise or a Screwdriver, but what about some of the more creative and obscure cocktails out there? Next time you have a party, impress your friends by making one of these lesser known cocktails.

1. A Lonely Island Lost in the Middle of a Foggy Sea – It’s not often that you find a cocktail with an 11 word name!

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5 Cocktail Bars in NYC Begging for a Visit

/ 16th February 2015
ange's share

credit: angela n

From underground drinking dens to saloon-type drinkeries harking back to yesteryear, NYC certainly has its fair share of stellar cocktail bars.

Angel’s Share

One of the best cocktail bars in NYC happens to also be one of the city’s best hidden.

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Toronto’s Best Martini Bars

/ 13th February 2015

Want to get out and have a stylish night in the city? Look no further than these chic Martini bars in Toronto. With the incredible variety and styles, there is a place for everyone. Let’s take a look at a few of Toronto’s best Martini bars.

Pantages Hotel Martini Bar

A trendy, downtown setting is where you will find this sophisticated bar a mere hop, skip and jump away from the main attractions.

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