5 Spots for Cigars in London

/ 12th August 2015
Top 5 Cigar Terraces in London

Wondering where you can enjoy a quality cigar in the right venue? How do you choose among the many cigar bars and terraces in the city? We’ll make it easier for you, take a look at this shortlist of the top 5 cigar terraces in London.


The Wellesley

If you are looking for somewhere refined, elegant and classic, you will need to experience the cigar terrace in the Wellesley.

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A Brief History of Cigars

/ 28th May 2015
History of Cigars

Cigars are prized around the world for their complex and rich flavour and they have been enjoyed since the early 10th century. Let’s look into the history of cigars to learn more about their long and interesting story.

Historians generally believe that the cigar was invented by the ancient Mayans, who would wrap the tobacco in a palm or a plantain leave and smoke it.

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At Your Fingertips: Gifts For Cigar Lovers

/ 29th April 2015
Finest Cigars of the Americas

There really is nothing like a hand-rolled cigar.  For those who love a good cigar, gifts can be easy to find, but quality matters. Here is a list of gifts for cigar lovers, with a taste for class.

Let The Introductions Begin

Cigar Introduction and Drink Pairing

Located at No.

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The Finest Cigars of the Americas

/ 1st September 2014
Finest Cigars of the Americas

Having become a staple accessory for the discerning gentleman, cigars emanate character, class and pleasure. The perfect accompaniment to a fine scotch, the combination makes a most relaxing pastime. But where to find the best? We take a look at the finest cigars of the Americas.

Cohiba Esplendido, Cuba

Reputedly conceived with the help of Fidel Castro, Cohiba cigars are today some of the most sought after in the world.

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A Few Things You Should Know Before Going Cigar Tasting

/ 1st September 2014
cigar tasting 2

Many cigar aficionados will tell you it’s not worth deliberating over the chemical analysis of cigar smoke or the leaf compounds of tobacco – what seasoned experts and green novices alike are mostly interested in is if it tastes good or not. Cigar smoking is deemed a romantic pastime, and while it might be best to come equipped with a general grasp on smoking etiquette, it is not always conducive to enjoying the overall experience.

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