Unique Christmas Gifts For Foodies

/ 3rd December 2015
Multisensory Dining

Are you looking for that perfect gift for your food-lover this Christmas? Here are a few ideas for unique Christmas gifts for foodies.


Exclusive Tasting Menu for Two at Zoilo

Zoilo embraces the diversity of cultures with an Argentine cuisine that creates dishes to thrill and inspire.

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Fight the Ghosts of Christmas Past Gifts!

/ 2nd December 2015

Fight the ghosts of Christmas past gifts this festive season, and get a present that’s not easily forgotten. (Click the image to view hi-res version.)

Fight the Ghost of Christmas Past Gifts

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Top 10: Alternatives to the Christmas Gifts You Buy Every Year

/ 30th November 2015
Alternatives to the Christmas Gifts You Buy Every Year

Let’s face it, they’re probably getting bored of the scented candle or bottle of whisky by now. So, to provide you with a little bit of inspiration, we had our gifting experts rustle up a few handy alternatives to the Christmas gifts you buy every year. What’s more, these are gifts they won’t be wrapping up in new paper this time next year.

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