The Sweeter Things: In Conversation with ‘Britain’s Best Chocolatier’, William Curley

/ 28th May 2015
William Curley Interview

Back in the 1980s, two people, separated by thousands of miles, developed a fond love for the art of patisserie. One was on the east coast of Scotland, the other in the bustling city of Osaka, Japan. It would have been hard for anyone then to conceive that this pair would go on to be the husband-and-wife team behind one of the most celebrated patissier brands Britain has ever seen.

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How British Chocolate Came To Be

/ 8th January 2015

Joseph Fry. Credit.

It might go without saying, but Britain has some chocolate to be proud of. The likes of Cadbury, Galaxy and Mars have propelled the British chocolate-making industry to world renown. But just how far has British chocolate come from how it all started out?

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Why Do We Love Chocolate So Much?

/ 11th November 2014
William Curley Couture Chocolate

There can be little denying that Britons love chocolate. Last year, in fact, we chomped through 661 million kilograms of the stuff as a nation. That made us the biggest consumers of chocolate in Europe. So why do we love chocolate so much?

Recent studies have shown that craving for chocolate is a very real issue that has affected people since at least the eighteenth century.

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A Brief History of Chocolate

/ 10th November 2014
William Curley

Chocolate today takes many varied forms – from different colours to different formats, it can be readily found almost wherever you are in the world. It’s curious how such a small bar, with seemingly few adverse effects, can be seemingly so intoxicating. What the modern world calls chocolate, however, differs rather from what was originally created back in 1900 BC.

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London’s New Dessert Bar Craze

/ 7th November 2014
William Curley

Springing up all across London is a phenomenon the sweet-toothed are more than happy to get behind, for dessert bars are making an appearance. Whether those eating out are looking to skip ahead to the finale or just complement their savoury courses, there can be no denying the new-found popularity of these specialist London dessert bars.

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