Where is the World’s Culinary Capital?

/ 22nd January 2016
Where is the world's culinary capital?

A couple of decades ago, no matter who you asked, Paris was the centre of the gastronomic universe. There’s been a bit of a shift since then, though, with London seeing a meteoric rise in its restaurant scene, and New York and Tokyo also coming forward as major challengers. I’ve been speaking to some of the biggest names in the business to find out their thoughts on the world’s culinary capital…


Jerome Tauvron and Ibi Issolah

Co-owners at L’Etranger

Where is the world's culinary capital?

JT: London is the global capital now.

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Graham Garrett: I never seemed to be in charge of my own destiny when I was in London

/ 13th May 2015
graham garrett

In a quiet village of Kent, amid wide-open fields, windy country lanes, and lush vineyards, you’ll find a 15th century weaver’s cottage with an inglenook fireplace, timber frames, and a thatched roof.

The biggest difference to how it was 700 years ago is that Graham Garrett, owner and recent best chef in Kent, is cooking sumptuous dishes in its kitchen.

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America’s Best Up and Coming Chefs

/ 1st December 2014

You may vaguely recollect our round up of some of the best young chefs to come out of the woodwork in Britain in recent years. Well, this time we’re looking across the pond to see what the Americans have to say for themselves. As it turns out, USA has some strong candidates. So strong in fact that we’re going to need a bit of a lengthy blog post.

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Up-and-comers: Britain’s Exciting New Generation of Chefs

/ 27th October 2014

With so many of Britain’s role model chefs in their mid-to-late 40s, one has to wonder where the next generation will emerge from. Gordon Ramsay alone endures so many verbal battles he must have shaven off at least a few years from his career. Fortunately however, it looks like the future of British cuisine will be studded with fresh and interesting new characters.

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4 Things That Make Noma the World’s Best Restaurant

/ 14th May 2014
Noma Nordic Cuisine

When the annual countdown of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants was announced this year, the bulk of speculation revolved around Noma. Its three year reign at the top had been curtailed a year earlier, when Girona’s El Celler de Can Roca dethroned the Copenhagen restaurant.

The fall from the top spot had a profound effect upon chef-patron Rene Redzepi and his team, coming in the midst of a turbulent time for the restaurant.

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