What is Grower Champagne?

/ 16th June 2015
What is grower champagne?

What is grower champagne? You might have heard the term and wondered quite what these types of wines are. A particular type of champagne that is made in the Champagne region of France, it is produced by the same estate that owns the vineyards from which the grapes come.

Grower champagnes tend to be more focussed on terroir and they are usually sourced from vineyards that are closely located around a village.

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How to Read a Champagne Label

/ 15th October 2014
champagne label

image credit: Dominic Lockyer

When stuck at a wine merchant, we could spend hours trying to find the right bottle for a particular occasion. But in order to save time and embarrassment, it’s a good idea to arrive equipped with some knowledge of what you’re getting. After all, before you’ve even got as far as tasting, you can find out a lot more about a bottle of champagne than you might think.

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Four Champagnes You Ought to Try

/ 10th October 2014
Moet Imperial Champagne

A Swarovsky edition of Moët & Chandon Imperial. Image: Wesley Vieira Fonseca

True champagne may only come from the Champagne region of France, following the Champagne Appelation that stated only sparkling wine from this region can take the name. As a result, one might be inclined to think there aren’t all that many to try.

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‘Riddle’ Me This: How is Champagne Made?

/ 17th September 2014

credit: Craig Chew-Moulding

Life is full of wonders, and how exactly our favourite bubbly is made is by many accounts one of them. Curious about how a champagne gets its bubbles, what ingredients are used to create a distinct taste, and who has the world’s most laborious job?

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