Best Garden Tours Around Europe

/ 28th January 2015

credit: Wikicommons

It may come as a surprise, but the gardens of Europe are rather luscious. For that they have imperialism to thank, as many of these collections consist of the specimens brought home from colonies far and wide. For many, the chance to see these plants only comes around once or twice in a lifetime.

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The World’s Most Fascinating Plants in Botanical Gardens

/ 9th January 2015
Most Fascinating Plants in Botanical Gardens

Ever since the first truly modern botanic garden, the Royal Botanic Gardens of London – more commonly known these days as Kew Gardens – opened in 1759, botanical gardens have sprung up across the world to showcase the planet’s finest plants. We take a look at some of the most fascinating plants in botanical gardens.

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Finest Botanical Gardens Around the World

/ 13th November 2014
Singapore Botanic Gardens

Botany is one of the most fascinating aspects of our planet. And yet, for so many of us, we extend our knowledge to the daffodils in our garden, lillies on the windowsill and oak trees we pass on the way to work.

Yet there are plants out there that can, among other wonderful things, dupe wasps into helping them reproduce, devour annoying insects, grow in any (and we mean any) direction, and even the odd one that serves as a water fountain for monkeys.

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