Why You Should Get Excited About The Craft Beer Craze

/ 3rd February 2016

credit: S-BC

Craft beer has gone nuts: mainstream cinema has made a film about it, the BBC says there could be a hop shortage, and brewing giants are having to buy out smaller competition. So, should there be good reason to get carried away in the craft beer craze?

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Five Unique Beers You Must Try

/ 26th February 2015
Beer Pairing

Sitting down with just the right beer can make that moment the best part of your day.  If you have become cozy with some of the usual beers, why not try something a little more distinct? Craft beers are becoming popular with their enticing and individual flavours. Here are five unique beers you must try.

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Beer Pairing: What to Match Beer With

/ 19th February 2015
Beer Pairing

It’s quite a wonder that beer, given the quality of different flavour profiles across the spectrum, has often been overlooked when it comes to food pairing. While wines and spirits bask in the glory of a myriad of pairing menus, beer has often been seen, in fine dining circles, as the poor man’s drink.

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Real Ale: England is Where the Heart is

/ 21st October 2014

credit: S Khan

‘Give my people plenty of beer, good beer, and cheap beer, and you will have no revolution among them.’ – Queen Victoria

Many, many centuries of tradition go into crafting the hearty pints of English ale that we still see ‘gracing’ bar tops in pubs all around Britain.

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