Designing Your Own Line of Stationery with Barnard & Westwood

/ 2nd October 2014

Barnard & Westwood is a 90-year old company that specialises in bespoke stationery. Bear in mind that you will be building, from scratch, no ordinary stationery set, as the company like to utilise the best techniques accumulated over the past century and beyond to create a finished article unique from anything else. They are perfectionists in what they do, but a lot of that you’ll discover for yourself.

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Behind the Scenes at The Queen’s Printers of Choice, Barnard & Westwood

/ 26th September 2014
metal stamp

Tucked away in the most nondescript of side streets in Bloomsbury is a relatively small warehouse that one would struggle to recognise as an establishment with high esteem. For something with such an everyday, run-of-the-mill appearance, the fact it is home to two Royal Warrants is surprising.

As I was about to find out, that’s exactly what sets Barnard & Westwood apart, as it’s the tactile nature of their stationery that’s valued above all else.

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