World Famous Macarons: The Story Behind Ladurée

/ 13th March 2015

The Ladurée pastry house, based in Paris, has been making macarons since the mid-20th century and there is a reason why their queues stretch out the door and down the street – they are simply the best.

Ladurée have been making sweets and baked goods since 1862 and they sell 15,000 of their famous double-decker macarons every day.

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Alternative Locations to Have Afternoon Tea in London

/ 29th January 2015
alternative afternoon tea

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel’s afternoon tea. Credit: Ewan Munro

Afternoon tea is a quintessential English tradition and it’s a wonderful way to stop and relax, enjoy a moment with friends and family and treat yourself to some top-notch tea and gourmet eats. London has dozens of afternoon tea experiences available, however if you want to go beyond the typical cucumber sandwiches with no crusts you could try one of these alternatives to afternoon tea at the Ritz.

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Pointers from an Expert: How to go Tea Tasting

/ 22nd January 2015
Rare Tea Company Tea Pot

Tea is, of course, the UK’s favourite tipple. In fact, it’s thought Britons go through 165 million cuppas every single day. That’s over 60 billion each year. Yet not many of us know quite how to make the very most of a cup of tea. I sat down with the Rare Tea Company’s Henrietta Lovell, star of TRULY’s tea tasting experiences, to get some pointers from an expert on how to go tea tasting.

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From Britain to Bangkok: Regal Afternoon Teas Around the World

/ 15th August 2014
Gentleman's Afternoon Tea

A trendy pastime today, afternoon tea’s invention came around 200 years ago in rather apt circumstances. Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, a close confidant of Queen Victoria and a prominent figure within London high society, complained of monotony in the afternoons. She wanted something regal and extraordinary to lift her spirits and fend off her hunger until dinner time, often served as late as 8 or 9pm.

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