2 Perfect Days: What to Do in Rome

/ 6th May 2015
2 Perfect Days in Rome

The Eternal City is rich with history, culture, beautiful architecture and delicious food – making it the ideal place to relax and enjoy la dolce vita (the sweet life). There is much more to discover here than you can possibly see in two days, but a short visit is enough time to get a taste of the city.

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2 Perfect Days in Venice

/ 13th April 2015
2 Perfect Days in Venice

Venice is a romantic and fairy-tale-like city, the perfect place to aimlessly wander down cobblestone streets and alongside canals while soaking up the atmosphere. Pay attention to the details, such as the way the golden evening light reflects on the canals or the way the high heels of the stylish Italian women clip clop on the streets.

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2 Perfect Days: What to do in Milan

/ 20th February 2015

credit: Bert Kaufmann

Your guide on how to spend 2 days in Milan, Italy.

Ah, Milan. The fashionista’s dream. As such, it goes without saying that the shops can resemble a free-for-all at the weekends, but if retail therapy is your thing, then we wouldn’t discourage it.

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2 Perfect Days: What to do in Bruges

/ 9th February 2015
2 days in bruges

credit: Andrés Porras

Your guide on how to spend 2 days in Bruges, Belgium.

For a small city, Bruges has much to enjoy. Of course, while the must-dos include canal tours, admiring the medieval architecture and climbing the 13th century Belfry, we’ve decided to provide some inspiration on the not-so-obvious activities.

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2 Perfect Days: What to do in Amsterdam

/ 29th January 2015
what to do in amsterdam

credit: Per Salomonsson

Your guide for what to do in Amsterdam, Holland over a two day itinerary.

Amsterdam – the city also known as the Venice of the North. With the obligatory activities such as canal cruises, visiting the Anne Frank Museum and nightly walks aside, we’ve looked a little deeper into what this beautiful city has to offer its visitors.

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2 Perfect Days: What to Do in Vienna

/ 27th December 2014
vienna town hall

Grandeur is part of the internal workings of Vienna, but you wouldn’t expect anything less from a city whose luminaries include historical heavyweights like Klimt, Mozart, Beethoven and Freud. Find out what to do in Vienna with our guide to two perfect days in the city.

Day One

A two-day visit to the Austrian capital is plenty of time to run through an itinerary suited to specific cultural interests, but for a general overview, shamelessly take the easy route with a walking tour to get your bearings.

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2 Perfect Days: What to do in Florence

/ 29th October 2014
Things You Didn't Know About Italy

Our short but sweet guide on what to do in Florence, Italy

One of TRULY’s favourite occupations while on holiday is to find the most attractive things to do in any given location, no matter how esoteric or peculiar they may be. Florence, as it happens, has its fair share of must-do experiences, and they aren’t always the ones everybody knows about.

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2 Perfect Days: What to Do in Salzburg

/ 9th October 2014
salzburg fortress

Our brief guide on what to do to enjoy 2 perfect days in Salzburg, Austria.

Salzburg is one of the lesser-known cities in Austria but is, quite arguably, the most beautiful. The city may be better known for its affiliation with Mozart (you’ll even see his face on chocolate wrappers), he having been born here, but Salzburg has many more secrets to unearth than just 18th century composers.

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