Spring Spa Trends for 2015

Spring Spa Trends for 2015

Another year means another set of hot new spring spa trends. What are consumers looking for at Spas this year? What are spas doing to improve their care of their clients? Here are some spring spa trends for 2015.

Healing with Technology

Here is something interesting from our pick of the spring spa trends for 2015. spa-lovers are yearning for more variety of customised treatments. Not just customised, but indeed personalised spa experiences that integrate classic services with technology. They are looking for high-tech treatments to suit their very unique and individual needs each time they visit a spa.

People use smart devices every day, and although nothing can replace hands-on therapy, this high-tech trend in the industry is creating need for more innovative approaches.

Treatments such as light therapy, micro-needling and microdermabrasion are becoming popular. Spas, like the Hazelton Hotel Spa, are creating treatments with all sorts of customizable aspects. It could be as simple as picking out which essential oils will be used in a massage, or choosing a facial’s focus. People just want to feel pampered and special.

Being Sustainable, Being Green

Another trend, both well-known and accepted, is the one of sustainability, or being ‘green.’ The spa idustry has been following this trend for a while, as more and more spas are making an effort to increase energy-saving technology, as well as reducing carbon footprints on our planet. This is an ongoing trend, as not every spa can change overnight, but watch for this change throughout the coming year.

Consumers care about the products they use and its end result. People want to know how products are made, where the ingredients come from and the manufacturing process’ impact on the environment. Spa-goers also want to know how products were tested, and if a product’s packaging is biodegradable. Beauty manufacturers and spas are being made responsible for keeping their products healthy for us and for the earth.

Consumers pay attention to which spas and companies have “green practises,” such as water conservation and proper. disposal of chemicals. Everyone is looking for green treatments, with green/organic products and from ecologically responsible companies.

Spring Spa Trends for 2015

Anti-ageing Combat Zone

‘Baby boomers’ are one of the biggest factors in spa trends this year. They account for 40 per cent of all spending in the USA. For those uncertain of the term, ‘baby boomers’ are those between the ages of 45 and 65. This age group has a large focus on anti-aging products and treatments. Research for anti-aging techniques are estimated to reached $300 billion in 2015.

Acupuncture is now becoming widely popular, with the benefits of positive mental health and rejuvenated skin.

People aged 26 to 38 years of age are starting to add anti-aging regimens to their daily lives and spa schedules. Treatments using non-GMO, gluten-free, probiotic and natural ingrediants are highly sought after. Those treatments also include UV protection, anti-oxidants, topical BB creams and wrinkle-reducers.

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No matter the Spring Spa trend you wish to follow, may it put you in a pleasant state of mind to face the rest of the year ahead.

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