Skylon Review, with Beth Sandland

Floor to ceiling windows frame a Spring’s Friday afternoon on the Southbank, mirrored tables reflecting the decorative foliage, extravagant floral arrangements and 1950’s inspired copper birdcages. Skylon, on the first floor of the Royal Festival Hall, oozes Gatsby-esque decadence and a swoon-worthy Gin menu fused with modern high ceilings and crisp white walls.

Booking Skylon directly through Truly, there was no awkward fumbling with vouchers or tabs to pick up at the end of the visit. We arrived for our wine tasting afternoon and were quickly lead to a reserved table with an unrivalled view of the Thames.

Our sommelier introduced herself and gave us a quick overview of the wines that she would be sharing with us, striking the right balance between being knowledgeable but also not overwhelming us with information. It was time to get down to the good stuff!

We began with a glass of prosecco each, served in beautiful bulb glasses and picked from the bar menu. Our sommelier then paired the wine with our different food choices and advised us on the best order to consume them in. Two different whites; both an old and a new world option complimented the calamari and the crab sliders, whilst reds accompanied a charcuterie platter. Unlike many wine tastings, the portions were generous and gave us enough time to really consider the flavours, the woody notes in the Californian red particularly standing out.

Whilst it was immaculately presented, the food was nothing to write home about. In fact, it was rather disappointing and I’d have much rather just focused on the wine and dined elsewhere afterwards. I won’t be returning to eat at Skylon, though I will most certainly be taking friends and family (particularly those from out of town) to admire the view from the bar.

Meanwhile, I wouldn’t hesitate to book an experience again through Truly Experiences; I’m already lusting after the Michelin star meals, dreamy spa experiences and unique days out on their wide repertoire of Experience Gifts Beyond Ordinary.

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