All That Shines: How to Look the Part this Wedding Season

Wedding Accessories

We all know the rhyme, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” It can be challenging to find something to fulfill the rhyme. Yet sometimes it isn’t the dress or suit that shines brightest, but the unique and individual accessory that makes the it complete. Let’s take a look at some brilliant accessories for weddings.


For Her: Bangles

Here is an original, and luxurious, take on the traditional bracelet.

Bangles can be made out of any precious or non-precious material. You can wear one or you can wear many, and you even have the choice of wearing them on your upper arms or wrists. Since there are endless styles and colours, why not take the stress out of choosing by having bespoke bangles made? Make your own bangles at Halcyon Days with a unique experience day.

bespoke cufflinks


For Him: Cufflinks

They may be small, but like many small things, they can make a mighty impact. This piece of men’s jewelry is a must for a wedding suit.

When you reach out to place the ring on your partner, all eyes will be drawn to your wrists. Cufflinks finish the look of a suit, and are a fantastic way for men to personalize their clothes. There are endless styles, colours and even shapes.

If you want to make your cufflink choice extra-special, why not get bespoke cufflinks? Make an experience out of cufflink shopping as you help design and create your own cufflinks.


For Her: Shoe clips

Take those first steps down the aisle in confidence with unique and individual shoe clips.

Shoe clips are easily described as jewellery for shoes. They are decorative clips that attach to a shoe, and can be gems, flowers or designs. Clips can be placed anywhere on a shoe, and can be used on any type and design. It is a simple, yet elegant way to dress a plain shoe and finish your look. Try the boot finery from Loxington Jewellery.


For Him: Bespoke Shirt

A well-fitting shirt not only looks good, but feels good too. It’s a shirt like this that you need to wear on your wedding day.

By choosing to get a bespoke shirt, you will have total control over the fit, features and fabric used. You will have a shirt that is totally you in every way, giving you the confidence and style for your special day. Make your bespoke choice an experience with Turnbull & Asser. They will make sure you will have the perfect bespoke shirt for the big day.



For Her: Hair Pins

Your hair and its accessories will be your wedding crown. They are as individual and beautiful as you are.

Hair pins have been used for centuries, by all cultures, to hold hair in place. These pins are a fashion device used in both simple and elaborate hair-dos, and designed to hold hair while being invisible except for the gem or design. Try Stone Bridge for inspiration.

So add a little pizazz, a little sparkle, and a little more you to your wedding attire. There are so many wedding accessories to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect one.

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