Seven Kick-Ass Christmas Gifts for Him That Are Not Socks

“Finding a Christmas gift for my man is a breeze.” Said no-one ever.

Unfortunately men can be notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. That’s why they seem to get the standard jocks and socks combo in their Christmas stockings. Every. Damn. Year.

But enough’s enough. A man can only wear one pair of socks at a time, and we’re pretty sure he’s capable of buying those himself. It’s time to get a little more creative when it comes to buying gifts for him.

Instead of getting him a tedious holiday gift you think he needs, why not work with his interests and buy him something that he actually wants. Sports fan, beer lover, cigar snob – boys will be boys and they just want to have fun.

Here are seven thoughtful, kick-ass Christmas gifts for that special guy in your life that won’t sit in his sock drawer all year.

1. Metro-Male

Any respectable gentleman of the 21st century knows that male grooming is a necessity. And it’s not just about washing your hair with a two-in-one shampoo and slapping on cheap aftershave.

Women can smell that from a mile away.

The well-groomed man of today is different. He’s groomed. He smells like a million bucks. And he’s rocking a moustache that would make Salvador Dali envious.

Treat your man about town to the very best in sophisticated male grooming. A traditionally-executed classic wet shave and haircut at the legendary Alfred Dunhill Barber combines the traditions of yesteryear with a luxury modern touch. It’s the perfect gift for a man tied up in knots who needs a moment to himself to unwind.

On a side note, this gift works well for the old-school chaps who haven’t caught on to the grooming tips of today. Perhaps he’ll discover how enjoyable male grooming can be, and learn a thing or two from his barber in the process.

You’re welcome.

Alfred Dunhill

2. Whisky Connoisseur

You can tell a lot about a man by what he drinks. And if we know anything, it’s that a whisky drinking man has the same character as his drink – bold, defined and sophisticated.

Rather than buying him a bottle of his favourite Scotch (like you’ve been doing for the past five Christmases) treat him to a totally unforgettable whisky tasting masterclass. While discovering the fascinating history behind his favourite tipple, he’ll taste a variety of ultra-premium, vintage whiskies along the way.

If you’re really looking to spoil him, step it up a barrel with a two-night getaway to the whiskey-soaked island of Ireland. A tour of one of the world’s greatest whiskey producing regions will take your man straight to the source of his favourite liquid gold. Hopefully he’ll want to take you as his drinking partner over his best mate.

Whisky Tasting

3. Scent of a Man

Telling a man he smells good is just about the greatest compliment you can give him. But it’s hard enough finding the right perfume for yourself, nevermind for someone one else.

Sure you can buy him the latest eau de toilette from Chanel but is that really thoughtful? He’ll end up smelling like every bloke in the pub. And who’s to say that he’ll even like that particular scent in the first place.

Because your handsome guy is that little bit special, he deserves to smell that little bit special. A private and personalised fragrance profiling is an awesome gift experience form him, and the key to helping him find his signature scent. During his private consultation with a fragrance expert, he’ll discover heady, musky aroma that truly that defines him as a man.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


4. Cigar Sanctuary

Winston Churchill. Mark Twain. Robert De Niro. What do these men all have in common? They’re all iconic men who appreciate the art of smoking a fine stogie.

For your own great man, treat him to a world class cigar experience at a superbly stocked cigar lounge. Hosted by a seasoned expert he’ll learn the art of puffing like a pro in luxurious surroundings – a modern day man cave if you will.

A fine Cuban in one hand, a premium whisky in the other. He’ll be grinning wider than Churchill after his defeat of Hitler.

Cigar Experience

5. Beer Belly

Haven’t you heard? A dad bod is the new fit bod. And luckily for him, there’s no better way to achieve this trendy physique than by having a cold one.

Treat your beer-loving hunk to a premium beer tasting and tour at a craft brewery. With craft beer as trendy and delicious as it is today, there’s no shortage of hops havens in London for brew snobs to discover. If he loves a good brew, guaranteed he’ll froth for a whole afternoon wetting his whistle with artisanal beers.

For the next-level beer lover, gift him with the ultimate brewing treat – a beer making workshop. He’ll have heaps of fun learning the entire brewing process, from choosing and weighing the right malts and hops, to pouring his first beer into the fermenter.

Not only will he be able to unleash his inner brewer for a day, he’ll walk away with his very own frothy masterpiece.

Beer Making

6. Sports Fanatic

The love affair between a man and his favourite sport is the perfect opportunity to get that slam-dunk gift. But any man can buy tickets to the match of his favourite team. In fact, if he’s a true die-hard fan, chances are he already has box seats.

For something that little bit extra special, how about giving him an immersive experience of his favourite sport. Guaranteed it will knock his socks right off.


Bowl over any cricket fan with an unforgettable private cricket lesson at the ‘Home of Cricket’, Lord’s Cricket Ground. Taken with an expert MCC Cricket Academy coach, it’s the only place in the world where he can develop his cricket skills with cutting-edge high-tech assistance.


Boys will always love their toys. If he’s a speed junkie, he’ll absolutely love the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a BMW 3 Series to navigate the Romanian Transfăgărășan Highway. Once declared by Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson as “the best road in the world”, it’s a dream to drive for any car enthusiast.


The home of English football, a Wembley Stadium Tour is a must for any man who calls himself a football fan. After exclusive access to the pitch, dressing room and Press Room, he’ll enjoy a hearty ten-course dinner at a British gastropub.

It’s a winning combination that will give him a totally new respect for the world’s most beloved game, and whole new respect for you as a thoughtful gift giver.

MCC Cricket Academy

7. Take Flight

Most little boys dream of becoming a pilot when they grow up. Unfortunately, for the majority of them, reality kicks in and they’re forced to wear a business suit to work rather than a pilot’s uniform.

Give him the opportunity to fulfill his childhood dream with an out-of-this-world flight simulator experience. Virtual Aerospace puts aerophiles in the virtual cockpit of a fully operational Boeing 737NG (Next Generation).

His head might be in the clouds, but such an awesome gift means he’s got you in his heart.

Flight Simulator

Buy a Bespoke Gift for Him

Husband, father, brother, lover. It doesn’t matter who he is, he deserves something a tad more exciting than soap on a rope and polka dot socks.

Treating him to an unforgettable experience gift for him says a lot: that you know him, that you care about him, and that you expect a suitably kick-ass gift from him in return.

If none of these holiday season gift ideas are up his alley, take a look at our other exciting gifts for him. Guaranteed you’ll find something that he’ll love. Or better yet, create a Bespoke Gift and truly make his dreams come true.

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