De-stressing in the Modern World: The Rise of the Spa

Rise of the Spa - Ananda

We have a tendency to believe that stress is something that has grown out of the modernisation of the world. The truth is that stress has been around since the beginning of time. A gladiator’s job was probably never done. That has led people, throughout the centuries, on a mission to find a way to rejuvenate their minds and their souls.

The spa is not a recent invention, despite the recent rise of the spa. In fact, they date back to well before Roman times. The origins of the term “spa” appears to be born from Aquae Spadanae, a town located in Spa, Belgium.

Originally, the affluent within a civilisation would travel the world in search of hot or cold springs to cure their ailments. Due to deficiencies in diet, it only took soaking in natural springs for the body to absorb enough minerals, to ameliorate whatever ailed their weary bodies. Water springs, which are synonymous with rebirth and rejuvenation, soon became the spot where people would cleanse and purify their bodies.

It is ancient public baths and bathhouses that are the origins of our modern day spa retreats. Used in Greek and Roman times, they were used for both personal hygiene and relaxation. Overtime, these bath houses became more elaborate, spectacular, and they began to cater specifically to the well-to-do within the society.

Rise of the Spa

Nowadays spas are a place that we go to rejuvenate, unwind and destress. Over centuries, they have evolved, but the concept behind them has remained. Their sole purpose is to provide the individual with healing minerals, relaxation techniques, and pampering.

The whole intention of a spa is to provide tranquility and serenity to weary travellers. People go to great lengths, not just for an incredibly relaxing massage or for an age defying facial, but for the total experience of rediscovering their inner peace that is continually being tugged at daily.

What defines the greatness of any spa destination is not just about the services that they provide, but about the complete experience of the suspension of reality. The more exotic, secluded, and eco-friendly a spa is, the more you are able to feel at one with nature, return to the simplicity that is lost in childhood and abandon the stress of your over chaotic and hectic life.

If you are looking for the most unique and spectacular spa experience on earth, these four destinations can cure whatever ails you, and return you to homeostasis of mind and body.

The Floating Garden Spa

For those who are looking to get away from the everyday, this is more like getting away from life as we know it. Going green has a whole new meaning atop the island of your own spa vacation. Completely surrounded by a sea of blue water and floating gardens, this self-sustaining paradise has all of nature’s beauty with the addition of saunas, healing baths and treatment rooms that have world renowned curative miracles. An architectural dream recreated in this realm, it is truly what dreams are made of.

Rise of the Spa - Ananda

The Amangirl Spa

Spas aren’t always about flowing water and hot springs. Utah is home to the Amangirl spa which couldn’t be farther from the water destination you normally conjure when thinking about a spa getaway. Nestled in the rock, this spa takes from the healing traditions and properties of the centuries old Navajo people. A place to renew your spirit, the views are spectacular as are the many treatments offered. Spiritually cleansing, it this spa allows you to put your life on pause and focus on the inner you.

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Sugar Beach, St. Lucia

For the individual who really wants to commune with nature, Sugar Beach, a resort in St. Lucia is not only rustic, it returns you to a time of fantastical treehouse living. Nature in its most raw form, it is luxurious in a more “non-conventional” setting. Rewinding your clock to an earlier time, the revival afforded its guests, is a reawakening for the mind and body. Each tree house structure has its own intention for renewal and healing.

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Ananda in the Himalayas, India

If you want to commune with nature, there is no greater spot on earth than atop the Himalayan mountains. Feeling so close you could reach up and touch your own piece of sky, this spa offers world-class and award-winning sophistication that is unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Using meditation, yoga, and other ancient forms of healing, staying at this spa will erase years of stress.

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