The Most Photogenic Destinations in the World


For the passionate photographer, finding the most beautiful sights to capture on film can turn into something of an addiction. There are so many gorgeous places in this world that are just begging to be photographed, where you can find interesting sites to point your camera at around every corner. Here are some ideas for photogenic destinations:

Istanbul, Turkey

Focus your lens on the towering minarets of the Blue Mosque as they reach up into the sky or snap away at the Grand Bazaar capturing a whirlwind of colours and textures. Istanbul is a fascinating ancient city that straddles both Europe and Asia and has offered a blend of East and West for many centuries.

There are countless photo opportunities here and you can enjoy capturing the lights of the city reflecting in the Bosporus or the world famous Byzantine architectural masterpiece that is the Hagia Sophia. This Truly Experiences Five Star Istanbul Photography Break offers a chance to explore the city with a professional photographer and ex-National Geographic editor.

Vancouver, Canada


An attractive Canadian city surrounded by ocean beaches and wild mountains, Vancouver also lends itself well to photography. The city has plenty of well-designed green space, a laid back vibe and a stylish and modern skyline. Head to the North Shore or Kitsilano for the best city landscape views, or capture a few beach snaps at English Bay.

Santorini, Greece


There is a reason why the iconic image of the whitewashed houses with cobalt blue roofs perched on Santorini’s steep cliff sides is featured in so many travel brochures and inspirational material – it’s the ultimate Mediterranean travel daydream fodder.

It’s hard to take a bad photograph on Santorini, as it is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. On the Five Star Santorini Photography Break from Truly Experiences you can enjoy a private photography tour with a professional photographer who lives on the island, as well as a four course dinner at a local restaurant. Soak up the sunshine as you snap photos of the white beaches, crystal clear sea, black volcanic rocks and traditional villages.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Rio is a truly gorgeous city, surrounded by sandy beaches and steep green mountains, blessed with sunshine and blue skies and populated by attractive locals who often wear tiny swimsuits. This eye-candy laden metropolis offers many opportunities to get some incredible shots, perhaps of the jaw-dropping view from Sugar Loaf Mountain or the joggers on Copacabana beach just after sunrise.

Venice, Italy


There is something about the city of Venice that is so incredibly romantic and beautiful. Truman Capote described it, “’Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go” – overwhelmingly rich, indulgent and intoxicating. The city’s many canals will allow you to capture the beautiful reflections of the well preserved historic buildings and the traditional gondolas.

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