The Most Incredible Places to Eat in London

Tower of London

We all like to eat in fine restaurants. There are times, however, when we need to enjoy our meal somewhere with a little more atmosphere than usual. Here are some of the most incredible places to eat in London.


The dining experience for Basement Galley all started as a recreational, weekend endeavour so the two owners could bring their dream to life and create their recipe ideas. It was actually a secret supper club – but now it’s not so secret.

There is a passion here to serve quality food and to spread that passion throughout London. Guests are cleverly seated to give everyone an opportunity for networking, in both their personal and business lives.

The dining takes place in a decommissioned 1967 Victoria Line carriage, and a 1914 Dutch coal barge. The Basement Galley‘s flagship supper club is held in the Victoria Line carriage, and The Ship’s Kitchen is held on the Dutch coal barge.


After about 1000 years of service to the Monarchy, the Tower of London now welcomes guests to come in and eat. The Martin Tower is a small and intimate dining hall, surrounded by history, and jewels. The Martin Tower housed the Crown Jewels for 200 years, and is the place where Colonel Thomas Blood attempted to steal them.

Eating in a place so full of history and drama is sure to jumpstart the appetite. The jewels, themselves, call to the gem-lover. Why not make it an experience for you and your friends?

Share an evening dinner for up to 12 people in the Martin Tower. Enjoy a Champagne reception before dinner, in the Hall of Monarchs, and watch the Ceremony of the Keys as the Tower is locked. Further experience the Tower with a Private viewing of the Crown Jewels for your group. Most of all, enjoy the three-course dinner, with exceptional wine, surrounded by 12,000 diamonds.

Private Dining at the Tower of London

Most Incredible Places to Dine in London
Private dining in the Tower of London


In east London, there is a restaurant made to be dark. At Dans Le Noir, guests are seated, served and eat in the dark. The restaurant creates an experience that will challenge your view of the world. Your servers will be blind and will assist you when needed.

By eating in the dark, our perception of taste and smell is heightened, and the darkness seems to remove any shyness, creating a more open atmosphere for conversation. The human element to the meal comes when the servers guide the guests. The Chef of this establishment is Oliver Romain.

This unique dining experience at Dans Le Noir was set up to increase empathy through personal and social experiences.


At Circus London, guests are entertained with acrobats and burlesque shows while dining in a bubble.

Circus London is a combination of a cocktail bar and cabaret restaurant. Since the West End is full of theatre and drama, this is where the Covent Garden restaurant Circus London was meant to be. Tom Dickson designed the interior and no one is disappointed. The restaurant has innovative cocktails made by knowledgable cocktail bartenders and an elegant Pan-Asian menu.

After dinner, Circus London is also the place to experience some impromptu dancing.

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