Minimoons: The New Travel Trend


One of the current trends when it comes to honeymoon travel is to forego the long two week honeymoon abroad, in favour of taking a shorter holiday close to home. These shorter getaways have been dubbed minimoons.

The word ‘minimoon’ didn’t even exist a few years ago, and now it has made it into the Oxford English dictionary! More couples than ever before are opting to take short breaks after their wedding rather than the traditional long getaway.

The Benefits of a Minimoon

There are a number of reasons why minimoons are advantageous. First of all, a shorter getaway closer to home allows the couple to splurge on a more luxurious property, rather than spending the honeymoon on a mediocre resort for two weeks. Also, due to the credit crunch many couples are seeing their budgets stretched tightly. A more humble honeymoon allows them to still enjoy themselves without putting too much financial stress on their new union. The minimoon allows couples to invest the difference in their future – such as putting it toward a down payment for a home or a savings fund for a child’s education.

Another reason for minimoons is that the couple might not have enough vacation days between them to go away for a long time, especially if they want to save those vacation days for other events such as visiting family. Or, perhaps their schedule is very hectic with a lot of commitments after the wedding and they simply can’t squeeze in the time to take two weeks off for a vacation.

Taking a small ‘quickie holiday’ doesn’t stop newlywed couples from going on a longer romantic getaway later when it is more convenient or affordable. Some couples even go with their children on a ‘Familymoon‘.

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Designing the Perfect Minimoon

A minimoon can be just as thrilling as a full on honeymoon. If you are planning a minimoon for yourself and your new spouse, think about how you can make the getaway as special as possible.

Some of the best minimoon destinations are city breaks. How about a five star romantic Barcelona Break for Two, featuring a sailboat cruise and a tasting menu dinner at one of Barcelona’s leading restaurants? Or maybe try a wonderfully sweet Romance in Bruges getaway which includes a two night stay at a luxury boutique hotel in Bruges with a horse drawn carriage ride through the history city? These experiences offer just the right blend of magic, romance and luxury – making them perfect for a minimoon.

You don’t have to even leave the UK for minimoons. If you are only spending a short time away, it makes sense to stay within the country so you don’t have to travel too far. For example, there is a West End Theatre Break for Two which includes two premium theatre tickets and a pre-theatre dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant. You could also consider heading to the rugged highlands of Scotland, the gorgeous landscapes of the Lake District or perhaps the stunning coast of Cornwall on your mini-moon.

Self-catering can also be a great idea for a mini-moon and can give you a lot of privacy and freedom. Perhaps you could rent a cottage in the Yorkshire Dales or the Cotswolds for a few days and enjoy going on long hikes and cuddling up by the fire in the evenings.

The idea of minimoons is that you don’t have to follow tradition when you are planning your wedding or your honeymoon. If a shorter getaway works better for you, then feel free to design the adventure that suits your needs. You should feel free to plan the holiday that would be the most fun for yourself and your new partner – whether you are into relaxing on the beach, dining in fine restaurants, perusing art galleries, hiking in the wilderness or visiting wineries.

There are many things that you can do on a mini-moon together, but the most important thing is that you are spending time with your sweetheart and enjoying each other’s company!

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