The Full List of Michelin Star Restaurants UK & Ireland 2019

Michelin Restaurants in UK & Ireland

A playground for foodies and gourmands, the United Kingdom and Ireland are home to a staggering number of distinguished, world-renowned restaurants. But how many of them are worthy of the culinary world’s highest accolade, the prestigious Michelin Star?

Want to know who’s made it onto the list of star-worthy cuisine this year? Looking to experience the culinary genius of the world’s most decorated Michelin Star chefs? Here’s a list all the Michelin star restaurants in the UK and Ireland for 2019.

How many Michelin Star restaurants are there in the UK and Ireland?

The release of the Michelin Guide Great Britain and Ireland 2019 saw three new two-star restaurants and 21 new one-star restaurants. As it stands, there are: 

  • 5 three-star restaurants in the UK 
  • 19 two-star restaurants and 1 two-star restaurant in Ireland
  • 141 one-star restaurants in the UK and 57 one-star restaurants in Ireland

Curious to know how it’s decided who receives this prestigious award? Have a look at our full guide on how Michelin Stars are awarded.

3 Michelin Star Restaurants

The Fat Duck – Bray, Berkshire

Entering this creative establishment from whiz-bang chef Heston Blumenthal is said to be like taking a step down the rabbit hole. One can immediately see the famous celebrity chef’s imaginative mind shine through in his renowned restaurant in Bray – diners are given a map with a magnifying glass to use instead of a menu as they embark on a degustation journey. 

Blumenthal’s aim is to evoke childhood memories through storytelling, reminiscing and multi-sensory cooking. Famous for its seasonal fourteen-course tasting menu, Head Chef Edward Cooke serves playful ‘molecular’ cuisine, such as nitro-scrambled egg and bacon ice cream, an Alice in Wonderland-inspired mock turtle soup, and a dish called Sound of the Sea which includes an audio element. The restaurant gained its first Michelin star in 1999, its second in 2002 and its third in 2004, making it the fastest in the United Kingdom to earn three Michelin stars.

The Araki – Mayfair, London

Consider yourself to be the ultimate sushi fan? Then you simply have to make an appearance at this exotic sushi restaurant, the first of its kind in London. The sushi master himself, Mitsuhiro Araki, came to London from Tokyo to introduce Edomae Sushi to a new area; and Mayfair rejoiced. The seating is chef’s table style, with only 10 seats around Araki’s preparation table. It’s notoriously difficult to get into and serves only one omakase (tasting menu) so consider yourself lucky to be dining on this top-grade, high-priced sushi.

Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester – Mayfair, London

Arguably one of the most famous chefs in the world, Alain Ducasse’s flagship restaurant serves imaginative Modern French haute cuisine at Mayfair’s 1930s luxury landmark hotel. When walking into Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, the first thing to catch your eye is the spectacular, elegant interior, including a 4,500 twinkling fiber-optic lights backdrop. Guests are “taken on an unrivalled culinary journey”, from the sublime quality of the food to attentive, professional service. While Ducasse visits the venue regularly, he has left the day-to-day running of the restaurant to his protégé, Jean-Philippe Blondet, who shares Ducasse’s philosophy of letting the ingredients shine and staying true to their essential flavour.

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester Main Dining Room
Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester Main Dining Room

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay – Chelsea, London

“What are you!?? An idiot sandwich!” The infamous Hell’s Kitchen star chef, Gordon Ramsay, is arguably as famous for reality TV antics as he is for his cooking. From the multitude of restaurants he owns, his eponymous flagship restaurant is one of London’s longest-running fine dining restaurants, having celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018. The atmosphere is completely different than what you would see on tv; there is a very intimate ambiance and serves fine-dining French Cuisine from carefully selected ingredients. There is definitely a lot of pressure on head chef Matt Abe and his team because people travel from all over the world to see if Gordon Ramsay lives up to his own harsh expectations.

Waterside Inn – Bray, Berkshire

There must be something in the water, because Bray houses yet another 3-star Michelin restaurant. Set on the River Thames, Alain Roux’s Waterside Inn has been serving inspirational French cuisine since 1972. The enchanting riverside setting combined with fine dining food and an exceptional wine list makes for a world-class culinary experience. Chef Alain Roux creates an impeccable French course menu, but his secret speciality is creating desserts that are raved about by all who visit! To get the full experience of the ‘restaurant with rooms’, guests are invited to enjoy an overnight stay at one of the inn’s chic bedrooms overlooking the riverside.


2 Michelin Star Restaurants

Andrew Fairlie at Gleneagles 

Walk into this salon-style restaurant and expect to be treated with perfect customer service; the team at L’Enclume prides themselves on providing an atmosphere of assuredness. Stephen McLaughlin, head chef, has led the team to obtain two Michelin Stars and rank 12th in the UK Good Food Guide

Claude Bosi at Bibendum

A colorful experience awaits you inside Claude Bosi at Bibendum! This laid back, fine dining restaurant is located within the Michelin House in London and their welcoming atmosphere will make you feel right at home. Head chef, Francesco Dibenedetto, provides a French cuisine that has received 5 AA Rosettes in the AA Best Restaurants list.

CORE by Clare Smyth

Who runs the world? GIRLS!! Clare Smyth is the first female to run a restaurant with 3 Michelin stars in the UK, at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. The Northern Irish chef started out at Gordon’s flagship restaurant as Chef Patron and finally branched off to create her own masterpiece in Notting Hill. Opening in 2017, CORE was awarded its Michelin stars the following year. The laid-back restaurant has a dainty and elegant atmosphere paired with contemporary British cuisine. Simple yet creative meals with an emphasis on natural, sustainable food are served to pair with simple decor. Some even say they can feel the positive energy flowing through the air. 

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Another culinary masterpiece from gastronaut-in-chief, Heston Blumenthal. While The Fat Duck is all about playing with memories and emotions, Dinner focuses on history. Located in the opulent Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, diners enjoy a view of the kitchen and its unique pulley system, which has been modelled after a version used by the Royal court and rotates the spit over an open fire. Head chef, Ashley Palmer-Watts, creates a menu filled with British cuisine in hopes of taking eating “dinner” to the next level. The award-winning restaurant serves exceptional and inventive reinterpretations of historical British dishes.

Mandarin at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal
Meat Fruit at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. Credit: irene – Flickr

Hélène Darroze at the Connaught

If you’re looking for a sophisticated atmosphere paired with delicious French cuisine, look no further than Hélène Darroze. Ranked 80th in Harden’s Restaurant Guide, the acclaimed restaurant at upmarket Mayfair hotel celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The famous chef’s haute cuisine includes innovative and expertly crafted dishes with an emphasis on classic French culinary style.

Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs

Similar to a speakeasy, this semi-secret dining space in Bloomsbury is a treat to find. Once through a discreet entrance at the back of funky Bubbledogs, you will find a U-shaped ‘kitchen table’ surrounding the chef’s prep and work station. Chef James Knappett creates a 12-course meal of contemporary British cooking right in front of you, where up to 20 diners can perch on stools and watch the excitement of the kitchen.


Cartmel valley is a traditional area housed with beautifully crafted ancient buildings. The cuisine at L’Enclume matches the area around the restaurant because each meal is also beautifully crafted to perfection. Owner Simon Rogan has a personal farm where he grows his own produce, and mostly all are used by his head chef Mark Birchall.

Le Gavroche

If you’re looking for classic French cuisine then Le Gavroche is the right place for you. Head chef and owner, Michel Roux Jr, has evolved the family tradition fusing classic and modern tastes together. This establishment is definitely worth a stop for a meal because it is ranked No.25 in Hardens Guide to the most notable restaurants in the UK.

Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons

Take a trip down to Le Manoir for a fairytale adventure! Raymond Blanc wanted to create a “twist of imaginative genius” experience for each customer that walks through the door. Ranking in the top 100 on The Sunday Times Top 100 Restaurants, this French and European cuisine will leave all five of your senses in awe after just one visit!

Midsummer House

Midsummer House is located in the English city of Cambridge, which is a destination for rich history. In the 1980s the old building was transformed into the establishment it is today, and since then it has become a must-visit restaurant! On the hunt for his third Michelin Star, Daniel Clifford is constantly evolving the style and taste of his menu and he doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. 

Moor Hall

Moor Hall is famous for its British Cuisine in the Aughton village of West Lancashire. The restaurant is located in a building that is said to be one of the most important buildings in the UK with the first record being from 1282. Head chef, Mark Birchall, is a protege of Simon Rogan and was awarded his second Michelin star this year.

Restaurant Nathan Outlaw

A meal with a view is what you will get when you enter Restaurant Nathan Outlaw. This restaurant is located on the coast line of Port Isaac, and to match the gorgeous view of the water the menu is mainly seafood. Head chef and owner, Nathan Outlaw, has wowed the UK with his skills as his restaurant ranks No.1 in the 2019 Good Food Guide.

Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud (Ireland)

Located in the heart of Dublin, Patrick Guilbaud comfortably sits in an old-style brick building that enhances the culture of the area. If you are looking for an iconic meal, definitely try this fusion of classic Ireland with a splash of France. Guilbaud’s intent was to bring the experience of fine dining to Ireland, and he appointed his longtime friend Guillaume Lebrun as head chef to trust he will bring his idea to life.  

Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms

Step into a world of wonder at Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms. This restaurant intrigues your senses and curiosity with its floor plan surrounding their “Nucleus” and creative British cuisine. Head chef, Sat Bains, has created a wonderful atmosphere and a menu that has ranked No. 4 in the 2019 UK Good Food Guide.

Sketch (The Lecture Room & Library)

A lecture room or a library are definitely not what a guest will be walking into! This is another fantasyland atmosphere located in Mayfair, London inside of Sketch, a four-part iconic restaurant. There really is no concept to Sketch, the owners have expressed that “it just is.” This place is whatever you want it to be or mean. Johannes Nuding, the head chef, creates an exquisite French/ European meal to match the feeling of being in another world.

The Greenhouse

Known for a tranquil dining experience, The Greenhouse has developed a garden scenery surrounding the dining room. Alex Dilling, an Alain Ducasse protege, has taken control of The Greenhouse’s kitchen which holds a lot of meaning to him because of family connections. The French cuisine is extremely popular among the people of Mayfair; this restaurant not only holds two Michelin stars but it is also a member of Relais & Chateaux and Les Grandes Tables du Monde.

Interior at Double Michelin Star The Greenhouse
Interior at The Greenhouse

The Hand and Flowers

A unique twist to this entire list is most definitely The Hand and Flowers. Instead of it being a highly acclaimed restaurant, it is the only pub in the UK with two Michelin stars. The owners and Tom Kerridge wanted to create the atmosphere of a “proper pub,” but with “proper food.” A relaxed environment is paired with a relaxed menu, and has made it into The Sunday Times Top 100 Restaurants ranking!

The Ledbury

After opening in 2005, The Ledbury has climbed up the ranks and created a well- known name for themselves. If you are looking for a relaxed, romantic date night then The Ledbury is the perfect place for you and your significant other. The atmosphere is described as “casual elegant,” and the cuisine is Contemporary European. Brett Graham, head chef, started his career at age 15 and since then has become a highly respected chef in the industry. The Ledbury is ranked No.19 in the 2019 Good Food Guide and 5th in Hardens Guide to the most notable restaurants in the UK.

The Raby Hunt

Take a trip down to the UK countryside for an intriguing dining experience. James Close, head chef, is considered to be the most innovative young chef in the current UK restaurant scene. Each menu he creates is very original and represents his own personality. The Raby Hunt has made it into The Sunday Times Top 100 Restaurants.


Visit Umu if you want a Japanese experience in the heart of London. The restaurant prides itself on providing fresh ingredients imported from Japan everyday. Head chef, Yoshinori Ishii, has a long history of cooking with professionals and his expertise is represented in his own original creations.

Brine Duck Foie Gras, Pickled Mirabelles & Aromatic Greengage at Club Gascon
Brine Duck Foie Gras, Pickled Mirabelles & Aromatic Greengage at Club Gascon

1 Michelin Star Restaurants

In London

  • Alyn Williams at The Westbury – Mayfair
  • Hide – Mayfair
  • Veeraswamy – Mayfair
  • Hakkasan Mayfair – Mayfair
  • Fera at Claridge’s – Mayfair
  • Sabor – Mayfair
  • Gymkhana – Mayfair
  • Galvin at Windows – Mayfair
  • Benares – Mayfair
  • Murano- Mayfair
  • Kai – Mayfair
  • Pollen Street Social- Mayfair
  • The Clove Club- Shoreditch
  • Lyle’s – Shoreditch
  • Brat – Shoreditch
  • Leroy – Shoreditch
  • Social Eating House – Soho
  • Barrafina- Soho
  • Yauatcha Soho – Soho
  • Story – Bermondsey
  • Club Gascon – City of London
  • La Dame de Pic – City of London
  • Ritz Restaurant – Piccadilly
  • Sorrel – Dorking
  • City Social – City of London
  • Kitchn W8 – Kensington
  • Petrus – Belgravia
  • Marcus – Belgravia
  • Amaya – Belgravia
  • Celeste – Belgravia
  • Angler – Finsbury
  • Elystan Street – Chelsea
  • Five Fields – Chelsea
  • Aquavit – Saint James
  • Pied a Terre – Bloomsbury
  • Hakkasan Hanway Place – Bloomsbury
  • The Ninth – Bloomsbury
  • Dining Room at The Goring – Victoria
  • Quilon – Victoria
  • A. Wong – Victoria
  • Seven Park Place by William Drabble – Saint James
  • Ikoyi – Saint James
  • Texture – Regent’s Park and Marylebone
  • Trishna – Regent’s Park and Marylebone
  • Locanda Locatelli – Regent’s Park and Marylebone
  • Portland – Regent’s Park and Marylebone
  • Roganic – Marylebone
  • Hedone – Chiswick
  • La Trompette – Chiswick
  • River Cafe – Hammersmith 
  • Chez Bruce – Wandsworth
  • The Glasshouse – Kew
  • St John – Clerkenwell
  • L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon – Strand and Covent Garden
  • Galvin La Chapelle – Spitalfields
  • Trinity – Clapham Common
  • Harwood Arms – Fulham

Rest of England

  • Samphire – Saint Helier
  • Lympstone Manor – Lympstone
  • Adam’s- BirminghamAdam’s – Birmingham
  • Carters of Moseley – Birmingham
  • Simpsons – Birmingham
  • Purnell’s – Birmingham
  • Bulrush – Bristol
  • Casamia – Bristol
  • Paco Tapas – Bristol
  • Wilks – Bristol
  • Olive Tree – Bath
  • Nut Tree – Murcott
  • Bybrook – Castle Combe
  • Gidleigh Park – Chagford
  • HRiSHi – Bowness-on-Windermere
  • Coworth Park – Ascot
  • Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen – Cornwall
  • John’s House- Mountsorrel
  • Blackbird – Newbury
  • Fordwich Arms – Fordwich
  • Forest Side – Grasmere
  • Tim Allen’s Flitch of Bacon – Little Dunmow
  • Salt – Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Elephant – Torquay
  • Fischer’s at Baslow Hall – Baslow
  • Matt Worswick at The Latymer – Bagshot
  • Pipe and Glass – South Dalton
  • West House – Biddenden
  • Fraiche – Birkenhead
  • Northcote – Langho
  • The Hind’s Head – Bray
  • Bohemia – St Helier
  • Le Champignon Sauvage – Cheltenham
  • Simon Radley at Chester Grosvenor – Chester
  • Star Inn at Harome – Harome
  • Paul Ainsworth at No.6 – Padstow
  • Yorke Arms – Pateley
  • L’Ortolan – Reading
  • Clock House – Ripley
  • Masons Arms – Knowstone
  • The Sportsman – Seasalter
  • Winteringham Fields – Winteringham
  • Restaurant Hywel Jones by Lucknam Park – Colerne
  • Morston Hall – Morston
  • Gravetye Manor – East Grinstead
  • Tudor Room – Egham
  • The Dining Room – Malmesbury
  • Hambleton Hall – Hambleton
  • Driftwood – Portscatho
  • The Neptune – Hunstanton
  • Black Swan – Oldstead
  • Black Rat – Winchester
  • Restaurant Tristan – Horsham
  • Pony & Trap – Chew Magna
  • Red Lion Freehouse – East Chisenbury
  • Peel’s – Hampton in Arden
  • The Cross at Kenilworth – Kenilworth
  • House of Tides – Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Crown – Burchett’s Green
  • White Swan – Fence
  • Woodspeen – Newbury
  • The Coach – Marlow
  • Oxford Kitchen – Oxford
  • The Man Behind The Curtain – Leeds
  • Thomas Carr @ The Olive Room – Ilfracombe


  • 21212 – Edinburgh
  • Restaurant Martin Wishart – Edinburgh
  • Number One – Edinburgh
  • The Peat Inn – Cupar
  • The Kitchin – Leith
  • Loch Bay Restaurant – Stein
  • The Cellar – Anstruther
  • Braidwoods – Dalry


  • Tyddyn Llan – Corwen
  • Sosban & The Old Butchers – Menai Bridge
  • Ynyshir – Machynlleth
  • Walnut Tree – Llanddewi Skirrid
  • Restaurant James Sommerin – Penarth
  • The Checkers – Montgomery
  • The Whitebrook – Whitebrook


  • L’Ecrivain – Dublin
  • Greenhouse – Dublin
  • Chapter One – Dublin
  • Eipic – Belfast
  • Chestnut – Ballydehob
  • Ichigo Ichie – CORK
  • Mews – Baltimore
  • Wild Honey Inn – Lisdoonvarna
  • Campagne – Kilkenny
  • House – Ardmore
  • Lady Helen – Thomastown
  • Aniar – Galway
  • Loam – Galway
  • Heron & Grey – Blackrock (Closed)

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