Merry Christmas from TRULY

On behalf of everyone at TRULY, we’d like to wish our customers, readers, partners and everyone else a very happy Christmas.

We’re the first to know that, no matter who you are, Christmas is a time for sharing. Above anything else what matters is spending what time you have with family, friends, loved ones and, if you really must, colleagues. However, showing some manners at the dinner table once those Yorkshire puddings are put in front of you is entirely voluntary.

We also wanted you to know that we’ll be on hand throughout today for any of those ultra-late gift purchases. As we mentioned, Christmas is a time when no one deserves to be left out, which is why we’re a phone call away if Santa’s choice of gift this morning left much to be desired.

Because our experiences are designed to create memories, and as such aren’t always tangible things, our gifts are entirely printer friendly, which means you can buy a gift and put it in your recipient’s hand quicker than you can say ‘cold turkey’.

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